If Randy Orton Faces Austin at Wrestlemania, I Hope He Wipes the Floor with Him

Ryan MichaelSenior Writer IIIFebruary 2, 2009

Despite Randy Orton winning the Royal Rumble, rumors continue to circulate about the possibility of seeing a Randy Orton vs. Steve Austin farewell match at Wrestlemania 25. If this were to ever happen, you can be rest assured that I would be pulling for Randy Orton to mop the floor with Steve Austin.

Stone Cold is a legend, no doubt about it. I have respect for everything he's done in the wrestling world, and I realize that the WWE would not be where it is today had it not been for his contributions.

That being said, I've never liked Steve Austin.

Prepare yourself for the most biased article I've ever written. I do so not to offend but to illustrate a point I'm passionate about. As you read on, you might realize that what I say is partially in the spirit of humor, but here does lie a degree of truth underneath all of this.

Randy Orton is the best in the business today; everything's subjective, but if I had to pick one guy I'm going to stick to the man I've been backing prior to all of his major pushes.

I personally feel that if Randy Orton were forced to face Steve Austin for nothing instead of John Cena for the World Heavyweight Championship that it would be a spit in the face to what Orton has accomplished.

Orton is every bit deserving of holding the World Heavywieght championship and anything less would be viewed as a punishment for nothing in my eyes. The possibility of facing Austin in his final match does have some appeal to it but only if it were to be done in the right and realistic fashion.

That would be of course, seeing Randy Orton kill what is left of Steve Austin's legend.

Austin is 44 years old and in decrepit condition. Not his fault really, as wear and tear combined with age could do that to any man. Even so, Randy Orton is 28 years old and in the prime of his career.

Steve Austin in his prime could not touch Randy Orton in the ring, not buy a long shot. As Austin himself would so eloquently say, "ehhh ehhh".

Now, compile that to the fact that Orton would be facing an aged and injured Austin and you should in reality get no contest at all.

But this is a business about putting people "over" and with Austin being inducted into the Hall of Fame, I would see no chance of the WWE having him lose if he were to come back for one more match.

In all due fairness, why not?

If a 55-year-old surgically repaired Hulk Hogan was willing to put Steve Austin "over" just to have the opportunity to be a part of Wrestlemania, why shouldn't Austin take his rightful place in the evolution of sports entertainment and grovel at the feat of greatness?

As I said before, I've never been a fan of Austin's character. A beer-swilling redneck rebel without a cause has no appeal to me what so ever. As a matter of fact, he's the perfect candidate for a beatdown in my opinion.

What's wrong with me wanting to see that?

I'm sure there are millions of Cena-haters who would gloat about wanting to see Cena get leveled by Randy Orton at Wrestlemania so why can't I hope for Austin to get the same?

Because he's a popular babyface that everyone loves?

It won't happen because I don't even think we'll see the match. The main event of Wrestlemania 25 should be Randy Orton vs. John Cena for the World Heavyweight Championship. Anything less would be a disappointment in my eyes.

But if Orton was forced to face Austin in some silly storyline where Austin wants to help Vince McMahon of all people, we can all hope that justice will prevail and the better man would win.