The New York Rangers Are Unwelcome in New Jersey

BR5Daily ShowMay 16, 2012

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The New Jersey Devils vs. New York Rangers Eastern Conference final is heating up, and the Devils need all the help they can get. After losing Game 1 in New York, they've started a "No Blue" campaign, encouraging Devils fans not to sell any tickets to Rangers fans hoping to sneak in and cheer for the wrong team. 

The campaign goes as far as recommending strategies to sniff out potential enemy fans, such as getting photos of potential buyers and staging meets to ensure the correct loyalty. They offer a "Devils fan experience team line" to help people trying to sell their tickets to fellow Devils fans.

After the Rangers scored their first goal, home-ice advantage was securely on their side.  The Devils hope to create a similarly hostile environment in Game 3.

The Rangers hold a 1-0 lead going into tonight's Game 2 in New York.  New York won Monday's Game 1 3-0. The teams split the regular season series 3-3.


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