Serena Williams Is Much Tougher Than Nadal and Djokovic

BR5Daily ShowMay 16, 2012

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Tennis superstar Serena Williams is known for being a tough competitor. Serena not only thinks that women are way tougher than men; she thinks her male counterparts are “weenies” for their recent complaints about the slippery clay court at the Madrid Open. Serena’s whole quote went like this: “Women are way tougher than men. That’s why we have the babies, you guys could never handle kids.”

Williams may have a point about being the tougher gender because, according to, two of the biggest stars in men’s tennis, Novak Djokovic and Rafael Nadal, have both threatened to boycott the Madrid event next year unless the traditional red dirt is reinstated. The Italian Open in Rome has been heaven for Djokovic after a week on the experimental blue surface in Madrid.

“It feels great,’’ Djokovic said. “After that blue clay, this clay seems like paradise."

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