BR5: Which Sucks More? Olympic Borat Bikini or Dodgers Fan Falling?

BR5Daily ShowMay 16, 2012

Welcome to BR5, your daily source for sports and pop culture news. This is your "Which Sucks More Wednesday" edition, where we let the fans decide who's having a worse week.

Australian Olympic shooting medalist, Russell Mark, recently tweeted that as a result of losing a bar bet, he will be forced to wear a Borat-inspired "mankini" to the Olympics Opening Ceremony in London.

Apparently, the Australian Olympic committee isn't looking forward to seeing Russell's backside as much as the rest of us. A committee spokesman told The Telegraph, “Age is the problem here. Russell is no spring chicken, his days of being a model are long gone, and we don't think it would be a good look for the team to have Russell in a mankini."

At least he can back up his ridiculousness with a gold medal. 

This uncoordinated fan tried to make an athletic, diving catch for a foul ball at a Dodgers game, flipped, landed on the field and then subsequently was manhandled by security and escorted back to his seat.

Poor guy didn't even catch the ball. On top of all that, on his way back to his seat, he spilled all of his beer. The Dodgers won the game 3-1 over Arizona.

So who had it worse this week? Let us know.

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