Formula One: What's Happening at Honda?

Sue RatcliffeContributor IFebruary 2, 2009

I have just been watching the video of the launch of the RA108 last year.  Everyone seemed so full of optimism, and it was to be a new beginning for the team with so much promise and so little reward.

Now here we are, more than a year on, and by now we should have seen the launch of the RA109, or whatever its name was to be.

Instead we are left waiting for any news that the team will even make the grid next month.

I am not a patient person, and although I have been scouring the media all through the winter for some news, any news, that will reassure me that the team has been able to find a buyer, there really hasn't been anything positive at all coming out of Brackley. And it's killing me.

I would love to believe that behind the scenes a deal is being brokered and that any day now an announcement will be made that a solution has been found, but realistically I don't think that is the case.

If Dave Richards is too nervous to commit to buying the team, which some would say is rightly his anyway, who else is going to do so?

I can understand that if indeed a deal is being thrashed out it would not be announced before every last piece of paper has been signed, and that those in the know would be quite happy to break the news at the last possible moment, but spare a thought for us fans.

It's been a long winter, and Melbourne seems a long way away.  Please don't make us wait until then to find out if we should be mourning the end of the dream or celebrating the beginning of a new era for an outfit that surely deserves another chance.