25 NHL Players and Their Celebrity Look-Alikes

Rob KirkCorrespondent IIMay 17, 2012

25 NHL Players and Their Celebrity Look-Alikes

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    If you're like me, every time you see the Capitals' No. 8 streak up the ice, you wonder how that guy has time to make blockbuster movies like Troy and Burn After Reading.

    Or how does he find time to keep adopting kids from third-world nations and partake in disco dance parties on Turkish yachts in the offseason?

    OK, so confusing Alex Ovechkin for Brad Pitt is about as common as mistaking Evgeni Malkin for George Clooney.

    But while these two Russians have a distinct and unique look that may never make it to the silver screen, there are a handful of NHL players whose mugs closely resemble some of our tabloid favorites.

    While some of these guys could be legitimate stunt doubles for the non-athletes, I had some fun with others. Please be offended if you must, but keep your comments PG.

    Certainly there were some omissions and oversights so absolutely throw in your own suggestions and ideas for hockey doppelgangers.

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Antoine Vermette

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    Possibly the biggest no-brainer of them all.

    That's funny, because Kutcher has made a career of being a vapid, no-brainer in most of his vehicles.

Joe Sakic

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    Considering how much I dislike the Avalanche (as a Red Wings fan), and contemporary jazz music, I never would have paired Sakic and Harry Connick Jr. together.

    That being said, you never see the two of them together.

Steve Yzerman

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    As a Red Wings fan, I never looked at Yzerman as anything other than a fearless leader. Thanks John Buccigross for mentioning it on SportsCenter back in the late 90's.

    All things being equal, Yzerman did finish his career on a peg leg and wore an eye patch after taking a deflected puck to the orbital region.

    Latent pirate tendencies in The Captain?

Sean Avery

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    It would have been easy to put Avery next to a weasel, a rat or a steaming pile of monkey excrement. He does look a lot like actor Sam Worthington, though.

    I'd bet that Worthington is probably a lot tougher.

Patrick Kane

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    I laugh at this picture more than I do when I read about Kaner's offseason PR tour.

    I get that Chicago is a fun city, but come on No. 88, keep it out of the papers until the playoffs are over.

Scott Hartnell

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    Yep. Not much to say here. #Hartnelldown. #shamelessplug.

Steve Montador

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    Laugh out loud moment of my day was seeing this picture from a webpage that no longer exists. I'd love to have given them credit for a comparison I never would have seen.

    I'm not sure I knew what Steve Montador even looked like. Thank you to someone out there on the Internet, your contribution will live on forever.

Dustin Brown

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    When I was putting together the goofy Ovechkin/Pitt picture, I saw a picture of Dustin Brown and thought that he actually DID kind of look like Brad Pitt.

    I'm sure Brad Pitt doesn't finish his checks as well, though.

Jeff Carter

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    I remember watching the movie Drive and wondering if there were any hockey games on because of Jeff Carter's resemblance to the main character.

    Good soundtrack, nice car chases and Ryan Gosling bringing back the satin jacket look. That's about it.

    Wait til a friend buys the movie, then borrow it.

Gary Bettman

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    One of these guys is a blood-sucking shell of a human who receives sustenance from feeding off of those who have the misfortune of crossing his path. The other is the lovable Sesame Street Count!

    Didn't see that one coming from 17 miles away, did you?

Anton Volchenkov

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    Can't you just hear Volchenkov say, "I must break you" before he crunches someone into the boards?

Daniel and Henrik Sedin

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    Now I do mean any offense to anyone, but the Sedin twins always kind of creeped me out. Maybe it's their freakishly trimmed matching beards.

    Whatever it is, I prefer them with helmets and uniforms on. And for the love of Trevor Linden, I hope they don't still wear the same clothes when they aren't on the ice.

Roberto Luongo

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    Canadiens must think Luongo is a traitor when they see him decked out in the resplendent American flag shirt and cowboy hat.

    Oh wait, that's Sasha Baron-Cohen as Borat.

    You're welcome for not putting the thong picture of Borat in here.

Ryan Nugent-Hopkins

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    Cameron (Alan Ruck) from Ferris Bueller's Day off had his celebrity status peak briefly in the 1980's.

    RNH is hoping for a more sustainable career with the upstart young Oilers

Michael Del Zotto

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    New York residents Michael Del Zotto and Andy Samberg are both adept at improvisation for their particular craft.

    While Del Zotto is an emerging star on the Rangers blueline battling for the Stanley Cup, I'm holding out hope there will be a Hot Rod 2 from Samberg.

Every Hockey Goalie Ever

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    Nothing set the sport of hockey back more than indestructible serial teen-killer Jason Voorhees.

    To this day, young spark plugs all over the land need to be reminded the guys in the goalie gear are there to help their team and not murder everyone in the arena.

    Thankfully, the evolution of the goalie mask has helped alleviate some of these fears. God help us all if Friday the 13th XXVIIV comes out with Voorhees rocking a Jonathan Quick mask.

Zach Parise

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    I was going to stick Parise in the first boy band I could think of, and then I saw Nick Lachey.

    With all of their teeth, a pair of nice haircuts and a millions of dollars in free-agent money, these two cats could probably conquer the free world if they put their minds to it.

    Or, they could form the first ever hockey boy band reality show by teaming up with Justin Beiber and those guys from Edmonton: Taylor, Ryan and Jordan.

    Here's hoping for that second idea.

Marc-Andre Fleury

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    Yeah, I went there.

Sidney Crosby

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    The similarities don't end with the powerful, robust lip garnish of Sid the Kid and Thomas Magnum.

    Both frolic on the shores of Hawaii in extra small OP shorts, they each have...

    Ok, there's nothing in common here but wavy hair. It was just another cheap attempt on my part to make fun of Crosby's mustache.

    You're welcome.

Ilya Kovalchuk

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    Ed Burns and Ilya Kovalchuk don't look that much alike.

    However, they both have that preening, "I make way more money than you" look on their faces.

Jaromir Jagr

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    At first glance, both of these marvelous haircuts might have occurred around the same time in the late 1980's.

    However, Jaromir Jagr rocked that squirrel cap on his dome until the mid to late 1990's. Though there's the obvious time delay in trends for Eastern Europe, where were his teammates?

    The other guy in the picture is Richard Marx. People seemed to like his music in the 80's. His haircut and wristbands set fashion back an additional decade in Eastern Europe.

Henrik Lundqvist

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    No, Henrik Lundqvist doesn't look like Daniel Craig, but he looks more like James Bond than Craig does.

    My wife, between heart palpitations and trembling lips, noted he looks more like a Formula One racecar driver than a guy who blocks galvanized rubber with his face.

Henrik Zetterberg

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    If Zetterberg had a weird cousin that played in a band, and liked to star in independent films, he would be Jared Leto.

    Though some circles seem to feel Leto has some discernible talent, I feel his ability to look like Zetterberg has allowed him to become famous.

Danny Briere

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    I showed this picture to my wife to see if she thought Briere and Ryan from The Office were a good match. Her response, "Hey is that Henrik Lundqvist in the background?"

    I still thought it was a pretty good match.

    And yes, that is King Henrik in the background, looking better out of focus than I do in person.

Batman and Robin

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    Hey isn't that Brendan Shanahan and Steve Yzerman?! Well who are the other two dudes on the right?

    You'd be hard pressed to find two guys who look more like super heroes than these two.

    Though Shanny's larger physical frame made more sense to put the bat suit on, Stevie Y was nobody's Robin, metaphorically that is.

    Shanahan's reign as the Director of (inconsistent) Discipline has him looking more like the Joker these days.