25 NHL Players and Their Celebrity Look-Alikes

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25 NHL Players and Their Celebrity Look-Alikes
Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

If you're like me, every time you see the Capitals' No. 8 streak up the ice, you wonder how that guy has time to make blockbuster movies like Troy and Burn After Reading.

Or how does he find time to keep adopting kids from third-world nations and partake in disco dance parties on Turkish yachts in the offseason?

OK, so confusing Alex Ovechkin for Brad Pitt is about as common as mistaking Evgeni Malkin for George Clooney.

But while these two Russians have a distinct and unique look that may never make it to the silver screen, there are a handful of NHL players whose mugs closely resemble some of our tabloid favorites.

While some of these guys could be legitimate stunt doubles for the non-athletes, I had some fun with others. Please be offended if you must, but keep your comments PG.

Certainly there were some omissions and oversights so absolutely throw in your own suggestions and ideas for hockey doppelgangers.

Let the fun begin in 3...2...CLICK the button down there.

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