New York Giants: Predicting 4 Problem Spots in 2012

Ryan SimonCorrespondent IIMay 16, 2012

New York Giants: Predicting 4 Problem Spots in 2012

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    The New York Giants have some problem spots that they have to keep their eye on in 2012. 

    Some of these areas will be obvious, while other areas may not be as talked about. 

    I personally think the G-Men have done a great job the last five years building their franchise, as noted by their two Super Bowl wins during this time.

    However, no team is perfect, and it's time to see where the Giants could use some help. 

Offensive Line

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    Don't really have to get into much detail here...the offensive line was terrible last year, and it hasn't really improved much this year. 

    Eli Manning can overcome it, as he showed throughout the 2011 playoffs.

    I do think this unit will get better off playing time alone, but that definitely doesn't mean it's not an area the New York Giants shouldn't worry about in 2012. 


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    Yes, we've talked about the secondary plenty, but that doesn't change anything.

    Any kind of injury to Corey Webster, Terrell Thomas or Prince Amukamara and the New York Giants will be in big trouble. 

    Injuries happen in the NFL, and the Giants can't really afford any when it comes to their secondary. 

    Antrel Rolle and Kenny Phillips are great, but the safety prospects behind them aren't exactly great.

    Here's hoping for an injury-free year for the G-Men's secondary in 2012. 

Backup Quarterback

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    Some people may think I'm joking here, but look at the Indianapolis Colts last season without their Manning brother.

    It wasn't pretty.

    Obviously, the New York Giants had a lot of needs to fill in the draft, but they have to start grooming a quarterback in the near future. 

    However, David Carr is a capable backup and Eli Manning still has plenty of years left.

    A QB of the future will have to get groomed down the road, but for now David Carr is fine. The only way this could be a problem area is if Eli does down for the season and Carr is a little rusty coming out the gate. 

Wide Receiver

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    Obviously, Hakeem Nicks and Victor Cruz are the staples for wide receiver for years to come for the New York Giants, but the spot of No. 2 receiver is a problem.

    Victor Cruz works miracles in the slot, but is the rookie Rueben Randle ready to step in and fill Mario Manningham's role immediately?

    It's possible, and it looks like he's leaving great impressions so far.

    My main worry is outside Randle, Domenik Hixon and Jerrel Jernigan are the two other options at WR, and I'm not sure how much I trust either one of them.

    Eli Manning and the rest of the Giants' personnel should figure this out amongst themselves, but it's still a concern.