UFC on Fuel 3: We're Sick of the Same Commercials

Hunter HomistekCorrespondent IMay 15, 2012

Your ads are driving "The Korean Zombie" mad! Credit: BRMMA
Your ads are driving "The Korean Zombie" mad! Credit: BRMMA

Dear Harley Davidson and Bud Light,

We get it. You sponsor the UFC.  

While we respect all that you do for the sport in helping it grow and aiding it in becoming the great worldwide spectacle it deserves to be seen as, please slow your respective roles on the advertising.  

It is apparently not enough that the Octagon is emblazoned with your logo(s), not enough that the UFC's official website is plastered with your ads.  

Nah, you took this sufficient advertising and said, "Hey, why don't we bombard the viewer's TV experience with our commercials as well?!" 

Well, dear sponsors, we don't enjoy that, not one bit.  

We understand that Harley Davidsons and the UFC go hand in hand, but you don't need to remind us of this!

Remember, the key demographic that watches the UFC is well aware of your product; it isn't like you're trying to branch out!  We know you exist, now please keep the commercials to a minimum.  

Or at least switch them up!

This, my dearest sponsors, is where we have the biggest problem.  

Accustomed to pay-per-view cards with no commercials, this whole "network TV expansion" thing is new to us as it is.  

So, please be gentle on us.  

Why must you insist on showing the same commercials?  

It's cute that you're trying to break the mold, Harley Davidson, and it's cute that you're using a UFC fanbase to showcase this.  We get the parallels: Fighters aren't necessarily barbaric and Harley riders aren't necessarily biker-brawler tough guys. 

It's a great commercial, but it was great the first time we saw it.  After that, we just wanted to get up from our seats during each commercial break.  

Again, we appreciate all that you do, but please switch up the commercials; these reruns are making us sick!

Sincerely, and with deepest appreciation,

Every UFC on Fuel 3 viewer in the world.