Kurt Warner Was the Real Super Bowl MVP; James Harrison Should've Been Ejected

Ryan MichaelSenior Writer IIIFebruary 2, 2009

After watching an amazing Super Bowl XLIII, two things became blatantly clear to me. First of all, even in defeat Kurt Warner should have been named the Super Bowl MVP. Secondly, James Harrison should have been ejected for his classless behavior.

First I'll address the flaw within the Super Bowl MVP awarding system.

Obviously, they never give the award to any player on the losing team, they rather culminate the feel-good story of the winner's side and give their best performer the award even if there was a guy on the other side of the ball that played better.


Isn't the award supposed to be intended to be given to the player who was most valuable during the Super Bowl?

This year Santonio Holmes brought home the award. He had nine catches for 131 yards and the game winning touchdown. Certainly a solid game by a solid player. I don't illustrate this point to take away from Santonio Holmes, I just feel that the player who performed the best should get the award.

The most valuable player of Super Bowl XLIII was Kurt Warner bottom line.

He was 31 of 43 for 377 yards, 3 touchdown passes with one lone interception. Sure the interception was a game-changer but regardless of how far James Harrison brought the ball back, it was just one interception. Had Harrison been tripped up a second earlier it would have meant nothing so that shouldn't have too much impact on how we judge Kurt Warner's performance.

My point is that Warner contributed more to this game then any other player therefore, he was the most valuable.

Now to the man who made that key interception, James Harrison. He returned it for a 100-yard touchdown which became the longest play in Super Bowl history.

There was nothing wrong with Harrison's on the field play although I doubt many people will discuss the fact that he only had three tackles. My issue with Harrison is what he did during the 4th quarter.

Punching another player when he was down then pushing him to the ground.

The referees called a deserved penalty but where was his ejection? Looking at that replay you certainly couldn't find any justification for his actions, could you?

Had this incident happened with a less popular player in a less popular game, that would be all we would see of him. But because it's the Defensive Player of The Year in the biggest game of the year he gets a free pass?

Either the referees were stupid or afraid to be part of the controversy that could have arisen by telling James Harrison to beat it.

Beyond those two issues, this years Super Bowl exceeded expectations as both teams put on a great show. Congratulations are in order to the Pittsburgh Steelers as they have had an amazing season that ended with an amazing finish.