80-Year-Old Ironman Competitor Lew Hollander Shares His Longevity Secrets

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It may defy logic and reason, but there are 80-something-year-old men racing in—and actually finishing—Ironman competitions.

 Just last October, Lew Hollander finished Kona, the legendary end-of-season Ironman race in Kona, Hawaii, at...81-years-old! He became the oldest person EVER to finish an Ironman.

(For the record, 80-year-old France Cokan also finished the same race a short time after Lew.)

How does Hollander do it? What does he do to keep his body in shape and mind sharp to deal with the grueling 2.4-mile swim, 111-mile bike and 26.2-mile run? 

Why We Watch talked with Lew about his preparation, workout routine and overall conditioning that allowed him to be able to compete year-in and year-out at such an advanced age.

Find out how this incredible athlete keeps himself in such tremendous shape as he shoots for breaking his own record later this year.

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