Dear Bleacher Report, What Are We Doing?

aSenior Analyst IFebruary 2, 2009

Dear Bleacher Report,

I think this site is great, and I enjoy writing here. I really do.

But one thing that always drives me crazy is how the "top articles" that go on the front page of the site are chosen.

Today is Super Bowl Sunday. The biggest day in sports for many Americans. Yet all day, we've had basketball articles, both pro and college, as well as random articles scrolling on the front page.

Now that the Super Bowl is over, you'd think we would have something about the game on the front page. But no, we have two college basketball articles, two college football articles, and a Sunday review NBA article. No disrespect to Erick Blasco, the guy is a great writer, but what are we doing?

If we want to be a place where people consistently turn for their sports news and stories, we need to stay relevant. Yes, I'd love to read what Gonzaga has to do to succeed in the NCAA Tournament a month from now, but let's cover the biggest night in American sports like all of the other sports sites in the world.

I've always wondered what goes into picking the articles that go on the front page. It's not that the articles aren't being written. If you look under the NFL section, you'll find article by Bryan Hollister titled "Defining Greatness: Pittsburgh Steelers Win Six." Why isn't that the first article featured on our front page?

I think we have some amazing writers on this site, and the concept is great. But if we want to be taken seriously, we need to figure out a way to update our front page to correspond with what people want to read. Whether that means handing control over to a group of people or administrators or changing the formula; something needs to be done. I've always had some concerns about the system, but when I saw that we had absolutely no Super Bowl coverage, I knew I had to write this. We're a great site, so let's keep it that way!