Manny Ramirez: The Clock Is Ticking

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Manny Ramirez: The Clock Is Ticking

Ah, the sweet story of Manny Ramirez. As a Red Sox fan, I am loving that Manny is still out of a job after his actions before July 31st of last year. Due to his actions, he is still out of a job with eight days before pitchers and catchers report to Spring Training.

Now Manny and Scott Boras expect a four-year, $100 million contract, which we all know he isn't going to receive, and the clock is ticking or him to make up his mind already. Here is a list of teams that are related to this Manny Ramirez situation...

Los Angelos Dodgers- Now Manny has carried this team on his back after his good productivity after the trade which I call his "comeback."  In my opinion, LA is Manny's only real choice after a two-year, $45 million contract, which is all that has been offered to him that we know of. In the end, Manny will be a Dodger, but not for the years or the money that Manny is looking for.

Red Sox/Yankees- Manny has left his mark in Boston for his good times and bad. And he was our famous Yankee killer. Manny is still a perfect fit for their lineup because the Sox need a big bat, a big name, and a friend to motivate Big Papi.

On the other hand, Manny does want to get back at Boston and New York is always lurking in the shadows so it's always a possibility.

St. Louis Cardinals- Well, Albert Pujols does want Manny on the Cards, and St. Louis does listen to him. Albert isn't a drama queen or a wuss so you know, he has an idea on what the team needs. He also believes that Manny could give them a "discount." I think this is the second biggest possibility he will end up in.

Other Teams- Well we know the Mets are in the mix as are the Angels who have been in and out of the Manny Sweepstakes. Also the Nationals proved they can provide big money for players as we saw in the Teixeira Sweepstakes.

In conclusion, I think Manny will be in Dodger blue for a two-year, $35-40 million deal with a possible option. Leave comments and read some of my other articles

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