St. Louis Blues Win! Despite Horrible Officiating

Katie Zaitz-FinkContributor IFebruary 1, 2009

The St. Louis Blues shut-out the Flyers 4-0 Saturday night. The Blues has some awesome plays thanks to Oshie and Backes, they proved they could handle the puck and out skated the Flyers! Chris Mason proved he is quality Starter material. Mason shut out the Flyers with 35 amazing saves.

The Blues were able to hold on, in a five on three power-play for two minutes, then with the quick thinking of Mason, McClement was able to score the first goal of the night! The rest of the game the Blues played with an amazing show of character and talent in Berglund, Oshie and Backes. 

The biggest obstacle of the game were the referees, they seemed to have the need to call any possible penalty they could and even some that no one could see! The NHL has to take a more proactive approach in disciplining the poor jobs these referees do!

The NHL has to find a way that allows questionable calls to be reviewed and allow a different party/person to make the decision! Allow each team to challenge one call each period? I do not have an answer, yet I know that many teams are suffering losses that are a complete result of poor calls/penalties made by incompetent referees.

Andy Murray needs to get the team to work on passing, too many times passes were incomplete or ended up in the skates on a player. With better passing and consistency, the Blues could almost be a play-off team.