Springsteen Was Great (and football stuff)

Mets PoliceSenior Analyst IFebruary 1, 2009

My blog, my rules.

Springsteen was great.

Freezeout, Born to Run, Working on a Dream and Glory Days—each in a shortened version dropping a verse.

It was great having the NFL players do the traditional E Street band opening.

As for football - I thought this one was over at 10-0 and Warner's 99 yard pick-six doesn't help.  Pitt should take 40 seconds between plays the rest of the way out.

Not a bad game, or maybe I just have a Springsteen high.  And Star Trek looks great except for Chris Pine as Kirk, which is kind of a problem when you miscast Kirk.

That ends our non-sports content.  Back to bitching about Manny Ramirez.


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