WWE: Why It Was Time for Big Show and Cody Rhodes to End

Daine Pavloski@@dpavloskiAnalyst IIMay 15, 2012

FINALLY...Big Show and Cody Rhodes look like they're done feuding. Rhodes vs. Show was just one of the WrestleMania 28 feuds that just wouldn't die. The Intercontinental Title was the focus of the feud, with Big Show and Cody Rhodes showing WrestleMania fails of each other throughout. 

Show got the win at Mania, and this felt like it would end the feud...but the feud continued. Show started showing Cody Rhodes fail videos to propel their feud into Extreme Rules, where Big Show would lose in a tables match. 

This feud made sense...until WrestleMania ended.

Big Show is getting towards the end of his career—even though I'm sure we'll see him again after he was unceremoniously "fired" last night on Raw—so why not give him a strap for a bit? It made sense for Cody as well. If Cody dropped the strap to Show, he would be open to pursue a major belt. Right? Right? Wrong. WrestleMania ended and Cody wanted his title back, which he would get at Extreme Rules. 

Why? Why shouldn't Cody Rhodes hold the IC Title when he is clearly one of the best Superstars in the business? He's a young guy who has done a lot and is ready to add some real talent to the main title races. 

Not enough of a reason?

How about the fact that SmackDown is now chock-full of young Superstars who were recently called up? Why not give them a shot at the IC Title? Maybe even Sandow or Ryback?

It's time to keep the mid-card titles for the mid-card talent, and let Cody Rhodes have a chance with the best in the business.