Bob Knight Interested in UGA

Scott MillerCorrespondent IFebruary 1, 2009

How would you like the winningest coach in the history of college basketball?

Maybe we need some chairs thrown to spark some interest.

If Bob Knight came to UGA, it would be a great thing. Even if just for a few years, he could bring the UGA program back into the spotlight.

He has won 902 games, and there’s something about coaching in the SEC that intrigues him—probably the fact he could get to 1000 wins in five seasons in a weak SEC.  Damon Evans has an easy decision. UGA needs a great coach, a proven leader, and a proven winner.

Most of all, UGA needs someone who’ll bring the program into the spotlight and have the ability to recruit. The job that he did for the Red Raiders was incredible. He brought a team that has won three Big-12 games per year, and got them to average 10 in his tenure.

UGA is not as bad as Texas Tech. They will always lose recruits to Texas, Oklahoma, USC, etc. The competition UGA has is with Georgia Tech, Florida, Tennesee and the Carolinas. There are great athletes in the state and area and Knight could recruit them. His knowledge of the game and proven record will allow UGA to rise.

My words to Evans? “Sic Em” and go get this legend.