WWE Over the Limit 2012: Will Psycho AJ Make an Appearance This Sunday?

Katie GregersonCorrespondent IMay 15, 2012


Of all the WWE Divas, AJ is the only one who's had any sort of character development over the last several months. She's gone from an abused, blinded-by-love girlfriend to an emotionally unstable wreck after her split from Daniel Bryan.

She's physically taken out her frustration on her best friend, Kaitlyn. On Monday's episode of RAW, she attempted to get on CM Punk's good side by wishing him luck in his match against Bryan on Sunday, a move likely motivated by Bryan's statement that he would be moving on to Kaitlyn next.

The WWE really isn't good at portraying women in a positive light, is it?

Regardless, at least AJ has a developed storyline going, which is more than all the other Divas—including Beth Phoenix and Divas Champion Layla—can say. Considering the WWE's continued focus on the after effects of her failed relationship with Bryan, we can't help but wonder where it's all leading.

Will she will play any sort of role in Bryan's WWE Championship bout at Over the Limit? If so, how? Or is all this really a vehicle for creating a strong psycho heel gimmick for AJ?

Quite honestly, I think psycho heel is the direction the WWE is most likely heading. AJ is a good in-ring competitor and deserves to be in the spotlight and have something going on outside of just being a loose end in a storyline.

In all likelihood Layla is going to retain the Divas Championship against Phoenix this Sunday—it wouldn't make much sense for her not to. When she does, who will be her next opponent?  

Natalya could emerge from wherever, but it doesn't seem likely. Eve is busy with executive administrator duties. Kharma's return is still completely up in the air. 


All that makes AJ sound like a pretty good choice. Angry with being perceived as nothing but a psycho, she could snap and go through the Divas roster one by one, starting with Kaitlyn and making her way up to Layla for a title shot. It would certainly give the WWE Universe a fresh competition for the Divas Title, which is something that's sorely needed.

However, that certainly doesn't mean that AJ can't poke her nose into Bryan or Punk's business this Sunday.

If she does get involved at Over the Limit, I don't think it will be in the match itself. Quite frankly, I don't want her anywhere near the ring while the match is going on. Let Punk and Bryan wrestle. Period. End of story.

That being said, because most of this storyline has developed backstage as of late, there very well could be some sort of segment between AJ and Bryan (or AJ and Kaitlyn, or even Bryan and Kaitlyn) before or after the match. 

Perhaps AJ will be watching from behind an electrical box as Bryan talks to Kaitlyn. That might bit the only thing that happens but it would be setting the tone for something.

And something is better than nothing when it comes to a talent like AJ, especially when you consider how misused the Divas are these days.


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