They Call Him Beanie

chris klinknerSenior Writer IFebruary 1, 2009

Take 'em out back, cause he is done.

Damn people! This is how we treat our elders?!? I am now petrified to turn 30 in a few months. Some injuries and a 30-year-old body has everyone screaming that Westbrook is done.

Funny, less then a year ago we were all screaming to give the man a new deal. Well to join the side of the majority, all signs should point to the Eagles using pick No. 21 to draft a RB. B-West can still be the MAN, but to be safe use the 1st round pick this year!!

Prior to the playoffs I was all for drafting a TE with the first pick, but Celek showed himself to be the anti-L.J. so on to the next need...the running back. And no one fits the pick better than Chris "Beanie" Wells (as a PSU fan it pains me to support anything from THE Ohio State).

But Wells has the goods.

  • 6'1'', 237 pounds
  • A 40 time of about 4.4 seconds (he can get to the outside)
  • Runs with power, shedding off the first would-be-tackler (a true run-between-the-tackles RB)
  • 30 TDs, 3382 yards in just 33 games

With that No. 28 pick lets get us a tackle to pave some holes for Beanie.