Top 5 Questions Going Forward After Raw

Joe McDonaldCorrespondent IIMay 15, 2012

Top 5 Questions Going Forward After Raw

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    I am willing to bet a few fans were crying harder than Big Show after tonight's Raw.

    Tonight, we witnessed lawsuits, crying and John Cena's latest comedy act.

    As I do every Monday night following Raw, I present the top questions going forward.

    These questions are meant to stimulate conversation and give us pause, so we can examine current storylines.

    Shall we have at it?

Is Triple H vs. Brock Lesnar Inevitable?

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    After tonight, I believe a match between Triple H and Brock Lesnar is unavoidable.

    Paul Heyman returned tonight and served Triple H with a lawsuit on behalf of Brock Lesnar. Triple H and the WWE are being “sued” because Triple H broke the verbal contract made between John Laurinaitis and Brock Lesnar a few weeks ago.

    After a heated exchange, Triple H snapped and put his hands on Heyman. Of course, Heyman then let everyone know that there would now be TWO lawsuits coming against the WWE.

    In another words, the WWE plans on milking this for the next few months until SummerSlam. In case anyone has missed it, the WWE now has aging stars return for the big PPVs in order to draw more buys.

    For example:  The Rock (Survivor Series 2011), Chris Jericho (Royal Rumble 2012), The Rock (WrestleMania 28) and you can add Brock Lesnar for SummerSlam 2012.

    Is the WWE in trouble when they cannot have main events anymore for a title?

    I am starting to find some of the pay-per-view main events as desperate. It seems every few months there is a “dream” match now.

    It is also bothering me that Triple H has been the COO for less than a year and still manages to climb into the ring every few months. I think everyone knew he still had a few matches, but they get watered down the more he wrestles.

    What do you think the outcome of this rivalry between Triple H and Brock Lesnar will be?

Are You Excited About the World Heavyweight Championship Match?

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    I am actually very interested in the upcoming “Fatal 4 Way” match between Chris Jericho, Sheamus, Randy Orton and Alberto Del Rio. I want to give some kudos to the WWE.

    The reason I am excited is because it feels unpredictable. I like the fact that all four men are acting like the title means something and they are going for it. Faces against faces and heels against heels, this just feels like a throwback.

    I have mentioned that one of my favorite feuds in wrestling was early 1997 when Shawn Michaels, Steve Austin, Vader, the Undertaker, Psycho Sid and Bret Hart all were vying for the WWE title. It was pure chaos and you never knew who was going to win. I enjoyed the unpredictability of that short time.

    Are you excited about this match?

    The storyline is simple: four men want the title and only one of them can be champion at a time. There is a small part of your brain as a wrestling fan that gets tickled when heels and faces stop caring what side they are on and just go after each other.

    Who wins the World Heavyweight championship this Sunday?

Is the Big Show Really Gone Forever?

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    I honestly do not know if I felt worse for the Big Show or the fans that paid to watch that segment live.

    Call me heartless, but that segment did absolutely nothing for me. It just felt drawn out and even the fans in attendance lost interest after a few minutes.

    What exactly was the point of all this anyway? To draw more heat on John Laurinaitis?

    If this really was the end of the Big Show’s career, then I have to question why he would ever agree to let this be his final mark on the WWE. I may not be a fan of his, but even I know he deserved better than that.

    However, if this is NOT the end of the Big Show’s career, then I just do not understand why they are even putting the spotlight on him. This whole storyline has felt forced and tedious.

    Is this the end of Big Show?

Is John Cena on Comedy Central or USA?

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    The last 15 minutes of Raw should be renamed “John Cena’s Smile Time Comedy Showcase.”

    I do not want to hear how I am a “hater” for criticizing Cena this week. Even his fans had to realize that his promo tonight was just irritating and borderline unwatchable.

    Every week John Cena comes out, makes some cheesy insults and then panders to the home crowd.

    Tonight was no different, except at one point I actually forgot why he was even out there. He was so caught up in his comedy routine that there was absolutely no substance or points being made.

    People think I am crazy when I say “The WWE does not know what to do with John Cena when he is not the champion.” Tonight was proof that they truly do not.

    For the last few months, Cena has been thrown into pointless feuds that continue to put him in the main event. After he is done with Laurinaitis, I am sure the WWE will put Cena in another “against the odds” situation. Maybe Cena will take on the Board of Directors in a Gauntlet match.

    I respect Cena and think he is one of the top 10 superstars of all time, but Creative needs to either write him off for a while or find something for him to do. He is being thrown around and it just makes the WWE look like they are forcing him down our throat, whether it is intentional or not.

    What did you think of John Cena’s segment tonight?

Will John Laurinaitis Be Fired After Sunday?

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    There will be no special referees, no stipulations and everyone in the WWE is banned at ringside for the upcoming match between John Cena and John Laurinaitis. In fact if “Big Johnny” loses he will be “fired” immediately. The odds seemed stacked against Laurinaitis at this point.

    Will John Laurinaitis lose the match to Cena and be fired the following night?

    Most fans are already anticipating that Brock Lesnar or the Big Show will assist Laurinaitis and help him defeat John Cena. I am not so sure anymore.

    Let’s be honest, Laurinaitis is not really clicking with a lot of fans and comes across as inconsistent and lackluster. I would not be shocked to see the WWE change direction and take Laurinaitis off the air.

    The safe bet is that Laurinaitis wins to keep this feud going, but nothing would shock me anymore.

    Will John Laurinaitis still have a job next Monday night?

    Let me know what you think below and be sure to list the questions that came out of Raw for you as well. Also be sure to follow me on Twitter @ClassicJoeyMac.

    Lastly, I wanted to thank you for being patient over the last week as I have been dealing with some personal matters. I appreciate all of the support from you guys.

    Keep it classic, all!