NBA Rumors: Boston Celtics Must Break Up Big 3 for Rajon Rondo to Flourish

Jeremy GottliebContributor IMay 15, 2012

Rondo is destined to be the face of the Celtics franchise.
Rondo is destined to be the face of the Celtics franchise.Elsa/Getty Images

What, exactly, do the Boston Celtics have in Rajon Rondo?

Obviously, he's a triple-double machine, having garnered 21 in his career and eight in the postseason. He can see the floor as well as anyone out there, consistently get his teammates open looks, rebound exceptionally well for a guard and hit the occasional jumper if need be.

Rondo is an elite player to be sure. 

However, is he not quite realizing his full potential? And do the Big Three have anything to do with that?

Boston Globe Celtics writer Gary Washburn thinks the Celts need to keep the trio of Paul Pierce, Kevin Garnett and Ray Allen together for at least one more year, regardless of what transpires in these playoffs, where the Celtics are locked up in a 1-1 tie with the 76ers in the Eastern Conference semifinals.

However, if C's GM Danny Ainge decides to do that, even for just one more season, it could stunt Rondo's growth.

Rondo continues to get better as a player every year. The leaps and bounds he's made since the 2007-2008 title season, a run in which there were rumblings regarding whether or not he had what it took to handle the point on a championship team, are palpable.

Now, such claims are history. Instead, we see columns about Rondo being one of the best point men in the league.

So with that in mind, it stands to reason that Rondo, recently referred to by Garnett as "our leader," will not truly emerge as the face of the Celtics until the Big Three as we currently know them are no more.

Pierce, Garnett and Allen are surefire Hall of Famers, certain to make the Springfield shrine on the first ballot. 

Rondo may make it there himself someday, but once the current Big Three are broken up, he will no longer have to play in their shadow. If the pub he's gotten this season for his often-brilliant play is any indication, the praise and accolades will only increase.

The Celtics may have dropped Game 2 at home to the Sixers on Monday night and they may have done it in relatively ugly fashion. However, they still have a series, and perhaps another one or two after that, to play. Any scuttlebutt regarding the status of Rondo or the Big Three will have to wait.

Still, one can't help but wonder what kind of player Rondo will become once the Celtics truly are his team.