Super Bowl Parties Lose Their Luster

Michael Shackelford Correspondent IFebruary 1, 2009

Super Bowl parties are for people who don’t like football.

This statement will no doubt cause offense and surprise, especially since it is coming from a die-hard, lifelong NFL and 49ers fan.

For those of you who have ever been to a Super Bowl party, think of how much time was spent actually watching the game? Generally very little.

Satan and people who do not like football, mostly women, have conspired to distract millions of football fans from the most important football game of the year.

While the hype and celebration leading up to and surrounding the game is fun, it is ultimately a football game.

Unlike other professional sports, the NFL has only one game to decide who to crown as its champion.This is what makes the Super Bowl the quintessential sporting event in the United States.

Take last season for example.

The New England Patriots were one of the best teams in the history of professional sports, yet they were beat by the New York Giants, who played a perfect game.

I have little doubt that the Patriots would have won nine of 10 games against the Giants. But it is the Giants, and not the Patriots, who were crowned the World Champions of the 2008 season.

So, as we all gather in to watch this year’s Super Bowl XLIII, the event that teaches roman numerals to Americans, remember that we are gathering together to watch a game.

This is the greatest secular holiday of the year. Enjoy it. 

Happy Super Bowl Sunday one and all!