Rickie Weeks' Potential Best Fantasy Week Is Upon Us

Andrew BlumettiCorrespondent IMay 15, 2012

Brewin' up trouble.
Brewin' up trouble.Jeffrey Phelps/Getty Images

Rickie Weaks...

Okay, that was kinda mean.

Rickie Weeks didn't play the past three nights. Well, to be honest, he hasn't really played the whole season. His day-to-day status makes him a question mark for Tuesday night as well.

Yes, fantasy owners, it's gotten to the point where a non-playing Weeks is less detrimental to your team than a playing one. At this point, Weeks might be more productive by throwing on the Bernie Brewer costume and taking a ride down the slide at Miller Park to join his fantasy value at the bottom.

The dreaded one is currently batting a lean .158, with just three home runs and six RBI. Last year's All-Star second baseman is making it tough to justify starting him, but a potential power surge waiting in the wings makes it a gamble to bench him right now.

It's the ultimate fantasy catch-22, and your team is currently taking the hit.

Weeks' line of zeroes from last week look like the shelf at a Dunkin' Donuts, and the question is becoming alarmingly clear: Is he past must-start status? How long is it justifiable to keep wading through this malaise?

Is it time to jump ship or possibly even drop him? 

As weeks turn to months, his leash is going to get shorter, as owner patience grows thinner. If you're one of those fantasy owners who was unlucky enough to be stung by Weeks' painfully slow start, hang in there.

The talent pool at second base isn't the deepest, and in the end, players typically live up to the numbers on the back of their baseball cards (though, there must've been a big typo on Albert Pujols' card this year).

Don't be the owner who sold low. Championships aren't won in May. 

Batteries can be recharged and a player's momentum can turn on a dime. Fingers will be crossed that these few days off were just what the doctor ordered for the currently second-best Weeks brother in the MLB

At least in the meantime, you can just sleep a little easier tonight knowing you'll have a few less zilches on your team's stats for today.