WWE: Is Dean Ambrose Behind the Revolution Coming to the WWE Universe?

Tyler WilliamsAnalyst IIIMay 14, 2012

A Revolution is coming to WWE—but what exactly is this Revolution?

WWE has recently been airing short, grainy videos showcasing scenes of revolts/revolutions from periods of time in history. WWE website writer Alex Giannini added this speculation:

“It’s no secret that WWE has a long history of soon-to-debut Superstars releasing video teasers as portents of things to come; could this video be signaling the next major force to be reckoned with inside the squared circle? Or is it a sign of something else entirely? Does the footage lay down the groundwork for a new movement, something that may change the WWE landscape forever? Perhaps the video alludes to a new pay-per-view event, sweeping changes on Raw and SmackDown, or the next great YouTube show.”

WWE has a new crop of talent waiting in the land of FCW (Florida Championship Wrestling)—WWE’s developing league.

With all those bright, talented competitors looking to make their way to fame in the WWE, it is tough for one talent to get noticed. In the business today, you have to bring the spotlight to you, rather then chase it!

The new talents have been doing just that, but one name has been brought up a lot as of late—Dean Ambrose (formerly known as Jon Moxley).

Dean Ambrose is a competitor like no other who brings a unique twist to the sports-entertainment world.

He is a cryptic, compelling, competitor who sort of reminds you of the late Brian Pillman.

Recently, Dean Ambrose’s buzz has strengthened–thanks to a recent feud with Mick Foley via Twitter.

The IWC (Internet Wrestling Community) went nuts after viewing the confrontation between Ambrose and Foley during this year’s Wrestlemania weekend. (You can view the video on the side of the article)

Fans questioned if Ambrose’s rant against Mick Foley was a shoot (real) or a scripted altercation—perhaps leading to a future feud.

In Ambrose’s testimony against Foley, he blamed Foley for basically ruined the wrestling business for his stuntman acts. Ambrose went as far as to blame Foley for fellow wrestlers' injuries due to the influence of his hardcore style.

This feud continued on Twitter,  Ambrose being the main antagonist in the exchange of shots.

The following is via Sescoops.com:

FCW star Dean Ambrose has reignited his feud with Mick Foley. When asked by a fan when he will finally “rid us” of the hardcore legend, Ambrose replied:

“There is a long cleanup job ahead to get rid of everything foley poisoned #wwe #raw”

Another fan asked if Ambrose has a dream opponent from any era in wrestling. The former Jon Moxley replied:

“Mick 20 years ago id have made sure he was eating his meals through a straw long b4 he did any so much damage #wwe #raw”

Ambrose ended his anti-Foley comments with:

“Thing is, im the worst thing foley ever created. Im the most highly evolved creature on the planet #thanksmick #wwe #raw”

Dean Ambrose is the superstar that will bring a much-needed shake-up to the WWE roster.

Not only can he talk, he can back it up in the ring, always putting forth incredible effort to perform excellent matches.

Ambrose is a well-seasoned veteran in the game, having already competed in organizations like Insanity Pro Wrestling, Dragon Gate USA, Evolve and Combat Zone Wrestling.

Possibilities are endless for his WWE debut, so if WWE is using this Revolution campaign to usher in Dean Ambrose, they made the right decision.

Maybe Ambrose is not coming alone. Maybe he will bring fellow FCW competitors—like Seth Rollins (Tyler Black) or Kassius Ohno (Chris Hero)—to help him take over the spotlight in the WWE Universe.

We will have to wait and see, but this whole Revolution speculation has become very interesting. Stay tuned!