Mickey Rourke: Who Cares?

James YaegerContributor IFebruary 1, 2009

If anyone's been paying any sort of attention to the Wrestling News websites, you'll know that the name of the lead actor in "The Wrestler" has shown up just as much as Christian Cage's for the past week. 

But let's rewind for a second. When the movie first came out, Vince McMahon received a private screening. And in typical McMahon fashion, he hated it.

Not that it was unexpected. Vince has hated anything that provides insight to the backstage world of wrestling. But then again... Beyond the Mat was never up for an Oscar either.

So of course since then, WWE has gone into full promo mode. Promoting the movie, it's success, it's nominations. Vince is willing to throw away personal feelings to ride the wave of someone else's success to a quick buck.

But then Rourke had to get involved. Doing promos over Jericho, and then Jericho responding. Sure, it wouldn't have been a terrible match, after all, Rourke is a former boxer, and his trainers said he could do wonders in the ring...about 15 years ago.  But it just reeks of over the top promo tactics.

But then the "will he, won't he" crap started up, and it was worse then Brett Favre in June. Wrestling and entertainment sites began throwing up an article every couple hours, shortly followed by WWE.com.

Anyway, WWE finally admitted yesterday that Rourke will not be competing, but rather just appearing. However, in the long run, WWE's promotional stunt did just what it was supposed to do.