WWE Raw: Confrontation Between Triple H and Paul Heyman Will Set Tone for Brock

Nick HartCorrespondent IMay 14, 2012

image from tumblr.com
image from tumblr.com

Triple H is returning to Raw for the first time since Brock Lesnar broke his arm two weeks ago.  Triple H will speak for the first time since the incident, and will presumably discuss the attack, his injury, as well as Brock Lesnar’s decision to quit the WWE (Lesnar quit via a statement by Paul Heyman.)  Additionally, The WWE is advertising a confrontation between Triple H and Paul Heyman that will take place on Raw.  This confrontation will set the tone for Brock Lesnar in 2012. 

The WWE is building the feud between Triple H and Brock Lesnar, and tonight’s confrontation will be essential to its success.  Brock Lesnar is only contracted to appear on Raw twice a month, and WWE will be utilizing Paul Heyman to speak for him on shows that Lesnar isn’t present. 

Paul Heyman was successful in this position during Lesnar’s previous run with the company, and Heyman was able to successfully garnish heat during his announcement of Brock’s decision to quit.  Heyman’s ability to elicit a reaction from the crowd is essential for the success of the Brock Lesnar moving forward.  Heyman’s promos have to ensure that Lesnar continues to stay over as a heel, as well as advancing the story line that WWE takes with Lesnar’s character.  The confrontation tonight is a perfect opportunity to see if Heyman can continue to accomplish these goals.

In addition to providing an opportunity to see if Heyman can continue his success, tonight’s promo will hopefully begin to lay the groundwork for the imminent feud between Triple H and Lesnar.  Clearly, a program is in the works after their altercation that resulted in a broken arm for Triple H.  Hopefully, the confrontation will provide insight into the direction that the storyline is going to take, most notably, when they will actually face each other in the ring.

EAST RUTHERFORD, NJ - FEBRUARY 16: Triple H attends a press conference to announce a major international event at MetLife Stadium on February 16, 2012 in East Rutherford, New Jersey. (Photo by Michael N. Todaro/Getty Images)
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Triple H’s response tonight should provide most of the necessary information, as he will surely address his broken arm and when he can return to the ring, as well as Brock Lesnar’s status moving forward.  In addition, the back and forth between Triple H and Heyman will hopefully provide valuable information.

The dynamic between Triple H and Paul Heyman is also essential to the success of the program.  As previously noted, Lesnar will not appear on every Raw, and a majority of this feud will certainly revolve around the promos that Triple H and Paul Heyman cut.  Tonight’s interaction will provide valuable information on the charisma between the two performers, as well as insight into whether they will be successful working together.         

A Brock Lesnar and Triple H confrontation is imminent, and tonight’s Raw will surely begin to advance the program.  Tonight’s altercation between Paul Heyman and Triple H will address many questions surrounding the feud, and should serve as a measure for the success of the feud going forward.