WWE Raw Preview: 5 Things to Look for in Tonight's Episode (May 14)

Drake OzSenior Writer IIMay 14, 2012

WWE Raw Preview: 5 Things to Look for in Tonight's Episode (May 14)

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    Yes, WWE fans, it's already time to go home again.

    No, not go home so you can get some sleep. Tonight's episode of "Monday Night Raw" is the final show, or "go-home" show, to Sunday's Over the Limit pay-per-view.

    Expect to see the WWE come out swinging tonight, as we've only got this Raw episode and one more Smackdown to create some excitement and build toward Over the Limit.

    While OTL has traditionally been a bit of a throwaway pay-per-view, the WWE is clearly trying to make it matter and will continue to do so on tonight's episode of Raw.

    So what can we expect to see on this ever-so-important show?

    Well, here are five things to look for the in May 14 episode of "Monday Night Raw."

5. The Next Step in the Crowded World Heavyweight Title Picture

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    The World Heavyweight Championship picture got really interesting really quickly last week.

    We went from having just one No. 1 contender to having three in a matter of mere minutes, and there appears to be a beef between just about everyone involved, with neither the heels or the baby faces exactly getting along.

    Randy Orton blasted Sheamus with an RKO on Raw, their tags weren't very friendly on Smackdown, Alberto Del Rio attacked Chris Jericho during his match with Sheamus and Jericho nailed ADR with the Codebreaker at the end of the show.

    There are—to borrow a phrase that the WWE uses often—a lot of combustible elements in this World Heavyweight title picture, and what was once a rather boring ADR/Sheamus feud now has me incredibly intrigued.

    I can't help but wonder what's going to happen between all four of these men on tonight's Raw, and in particular, whether Y2J will continue to build up more momentum after starting a bit of a hot streak last week.

4. CM Punk's Response to What Happened at the End of Last Week's Raw

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    On last week's Raw, CM Punk became just the latest top baby face to be screwed over by John Laurinaitis when he was put in a very unfavorable position in a two-on-one handicap match in the show's main event, being forced to take on both Lord Tensai and Daniel Bryan.

    As you might have expected, Punk lost that match, and afterward, he was attacked and put in the Yes Lock by Bryan.

    This obviously wasn't a great showing for the WWE Champion, and he'll undoubtedly have something to say tonight to Laurinaitis, Tensai and Bryan.

    Then, we could see fireworks from there.

    Punk will certainly be furious with all three men who conspired to beat him down last week, and I think it's safe to say that he'll be looking to take out his frustrations on at least one of them tonight.

3. Will Big Show Apologize to John Laurinaitis?

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    John Laurinaitis has his sights set on The Big Show.

    After Big Show mocked his voice on last week's Raw, Laurinaitis has tried to make Show's life miserable. He cost Show a match against Daniel Bryan on Smackdown and has told Show that he must apologize on tonight's Raw.

    The question on everyone's mind: Will Big Show actually do it?

    Big Show has come across as very apologetic and, quite frankly, scared as of late, but it remains to be seen if he's willing to apologize to Laurinaitis or if he'll refuse to do so.

    There is the potential for a lot of things to happen here, including a possible heel turn for Big Show, so what goes down on tonight's Raw could give us a good indication of where this beef between Show and Laurinaitis is headed.

2. John Cena Back Live on TV; What's Next for Him and John Laurinaitis?

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    Man, John Laurinaitis sure is involved in a lot of storylines these days, huh?

    Anyway, John Cena did not appear in person on last week's Raw, instead appearing via satellite as a means of selling the beating he suffered at the hands of Laurinaitis, Sakamato and Lord Tensai on the prior week's Raw.

    Cena, however, is indeed scheduled to appear live and in person on tonight's Raw.

    Though he'll likely still be wearing that sling, it's pretty much a guarantee that he is going to have some type of confrontation with Laurinaitis and perhaps even Tensai, too.

    What that entails is anyone's guess, but the WWE will surely want to go all out with the final build for Cena versus Laurinaitis at Sunday's Over the Limit pay-per-view.

    I don't think anyone really wants to pay to see that much, so the WWE is going to have to give us a reason to on tonight's Raw.

1. What Will Triple H Have to Say About Brock Lesnar's Attack?

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    Two weeks ago, we saw Brock Lesnar viciously attack Triple H and "break" his arm in the process.

    On tonight's Raw, we will hear from Triple H for the first time since that attack, as the WWE COO will address his injury, Lesnar and presumably, some other topics as well.

    It's unlikely that Lesnar (who "quit" the WWE last week) will be on the show, but it wouldn't be surprising to see Paul Heyman, Lesnar's legal counsel, do Lesnar's talking for him.

    A promo battle between Triple H and Heyman? Count me in.

    The WWE is going to have to keep this Lesnar/HHH feud afloat while Lesnar is off of TV, and using Heyman as Lesnar's mouthpiece is a great way to do that.

    I personally can't wait to see what Triple H will have to say tonight and whether Heyman will interrupt him and keep this feud going.


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