15 Biggest Premier League Disappointments This Season

Mikhail Turner@MikhailTurnerContributor IIIMay 14, 2012

15 Biggest Premier League Disappointments This Season

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    The Premier League's greatest season ever produced some pretty big disappointments.

    There were definitely some fantastic moments throughout this campaign. Lives were saved, beautiful goals were scored and there was non-stop drama throughout.

    Not everything was good, though. There were players, clubs and just general incidents that brought some pretty disappointing times to the season.

    Here are the 15 biggest Premier League disappointments this season.

Andy Carroll

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    Andy Carroll scored four goals and added two assists in 34 Premier League games. You would think that after a summer of hearing that he wasn't good enough Carroll would have shut all his critics up throughout the entire season.

    That was hardly the case, and one or two solid performances towards the end of the season certainly can't make up for everything.

    Carroll has a long way to go yet and may never live up to his price tag.

Fernando Torres

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    The bad form continued for Fernando Torres this season despite a few times when there seemed to be light at the end of the tunnel.

    He was replaced towards the end of the season by Didier Drogba, and Roman Abramovich could consider sending him away from Stamford Bridge during the summer.

    Torres may not get picked for Spain's Euro 2012 squad and that is a testament to how far he has fallen in the World game.

Mario Balotelli

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    Mario Balotelli isn't here because of his statistical output—a decent return of 13 goals in the Premier League took care of that—but because of his off-field, and some on-field, actions.

    Let's list them all, shall we? Firecrackers in the house, nightclub after game, stamping on Scott Parker, horror tackle on Alex Song, suspensions and red cards.

    Balotelli fits the definition of a troubled genius and one has to wonder when, if ever, he will turn it around.

Adel Taarabt

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    Adel Taarabt certainly didn't do much to have big clubs rekindle their interest in him this summer.

    After leading the way for QPR's promotion to the Premier League with 19 goals and 16 assist last season, Taarabt has managed two goals and three assists this year.

    He lost his captaincy and seemed to be unable to step up at the higher level. He did miss a few games through injury, but he will be thankful his team survived a relegation battle as he may have another crack at the Premier League next year.

Carlos Tevez

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    Yes, he ended up winning a Premier League title, but we are looking at what Carlos Tevez did not do for the majority of Manchester City's season—play football.

    Tevez, whether he said no to warming up or not, disrespected his employers and made their title run much tighter because of his selfishness.

    Had he been around all season, Manchester City may have had a much easier time winning the title and Tevez could have very easily secured a move away from the club by playing an important part in their season.

    He may still move, but any such deal may occur with question marks about the player.


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    Liverpool scored less goals than Norwich City, Fulham and relegated club Blackburn. The team put in some very weak performances this season as a team with some individuals usually putting out bad performances.

    The summer signings were horrible and none of the players contributed anything of importance to the clubs season. Not to mention the club's reputation took a little hit with the incident concerning Luis Suarez.

    It wasn't a very good season for Liverpool on many fronts and next year has to be a lot better.


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    Bet Chelsea fans were mumbling after the season ended, "We finished second last year and right now we may not even play in Europe next year." How did that happen?

    The Blues had one or two shining lights on the pitch, but somewhat like Liverpool, they presented fans with a very un-Chelsea like team at times.

    The defense was poor at some inopportune times and were it not for the aforementioned shining lights, the offense may have struggled a lot more as well.

    For a club with their kind of resources, sixth place should not be an option at all.

Aston Villa

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    Aston Villa finished two points above the relegation zone. For a team that has generally finished in the top half of the table for the last few seasons, that is quite a disappointment.

    The club seems to have fallen apart since the end of last season and while losing players like Ashley Young and Stewart Downing hurt, it is doubtful that anyone saw the club coming that close to being relegated.

    Hopefully next year will be better.

Chelsea Player Power/Andre Villas-Boas Sacking

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    The Chelsea players never gave Andre Villas-Boas any respect or power and that eventually led to his sacking.

    The fact that the Portuguese manager won a treble the year before did nothing to make the likes of Frank Lampard, John Terry and Didier Drogba appreciate his methods and the young manager eventually got the axe.

    It was disappointing that Villas-Boas was seemingly given no chance by his players, and they eventually got their way when he left.

Arsenal Season

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    An 8-2 loss to Manchester United and an 4-3 loss to Blackburn stand out as two of the worst performances in recent times from an Arsenal squad.

    The feeling that the club panicked with its summer signings did not help matters, but there was definitely one bright spark out of that group in the form of Mikel Arteta.

    Arsenal fans have gotten used to the quick start and bad end from the club, but from the beginning of this season it looked like nothing would go right.

    It got worse in February and March with the team being knocked of the FA Cup and Champions League. Overall, the season promised very little from the start.

Tottenham End of Season Form

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    Tottenham ended the very last day of the league season on the right note, but the majority of their second half of the campaign was bad.

    At the halfway point, Tottenham was six points behind league leaders Manchester City with a game in hand. They ended the season 20 points behind league champions Manchester City.

    Tottenham dropped points left, right and center while their main competitors moved on steadily. Arsenal eventually passed them to gain third place, and Tottenham had to win their last game to gain a Champions League spot.

    Unfortunately, that may all go away if Chelsea wins the Champions League final against Bayern Munich.

Bad Refereeing

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    There will always be dubious calls in this game, but it seemed that this Premier League season brought in a lot more.

    Ex-referee, Graham Poll, had a lot to say about the situation in the Premier League this season.

    Graham Poll: To be fair, it's been disappointing. There is more analysis [available to fans and the media] than ever before, and once one or two decisions go wrong, the scrutiny becomes ever greater. Every mistake gets highlighted, which makes it appear worse than it really is. Having said that, [the officiating] is rather disappointing. There have been too many decisions that have been wrong and have appeared to affect the outcome of matches. That, I think, is what is starting to concern people.

    Managers like David Moyes also said their piece.

    For whatever reason referees seem to be more likely to make the wrong decision in the heat of the moment and in many cases they ended up ruining games. Thankfully, the most important day, the last day, seemed generally devoid of such mistakes.

Manchester City Buying the Title

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    This will probably cause some debate as it's certainly an opinion not everyone will share.

    Manchester City's owners pumped millions and millions into the club to get to this point and, though the team played some pretty football at times, it's disappointing when that route is confirmed as a viable option to winning silverware.

    Is this to say that Manchester City is not deserving of the title? Not necessarily. Would it have been much better had there been some members of the squad who didn't cost over 10 million pounds? Yes.

    Building a team can be done in different forms and City chose to do it this way. It's quick and easy but makes it a lot harder for teams who prefer to start from scratch.

Blackburn Fans

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    Blackburn fans took things a little too far with some of their actions and protests, especially early on in the season.

    The frustration they had with their club was definitely understandable and some Arsenal fans may have had a similar level of annoyance early on in the season.

    Some fans went so far as to throw a hen onto a pitch during a game in protest. Thankfully things did not go as far as physical confrontations with the Blackburn hierarchy. 

    Many clubs have gone through horrible seasons before and it really was disappointing to see how the Blackburn faithful acted throughout the campaign.

Racism Problems

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    The incidents between Patrice Evra and Luis Suarez as well as Anton Ferdinand and John Terry were not good news for the Premier League at all.

    With organizations like Kick it Out looking on, both the offenders, Suarez and Terry, have been or are going to be dealt with.

    The fact that such an issue occurred not once but twice, and with such big-name players, harms the reputation of the league a little.

    Whether they were misunderstandings or not, the players involved did the game, their teams, the league and themselves no good by creating incidents concerning such a very delicate topic.