50 Hottest Cheerleader Twit Pics

Amber LeeSports Lists Lead WriterMay 14, 2012

50 Hottest Cheerleader Twit Pics

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    I've often written about the never-ending source of amazing that Twitter is. Politicians, professional athletes, actors, musicians and even regular losers (like us) are constantly over-sharing the details and digital photographs of their private lives. 

    Well, guess what! Smoking hot cheerleaders at both the professional and collegiate levels are doing the exact same thing. Whether you love cheerleaders, hate cheerleaders or love to hate cheerleaders—there's no doubt that this fact interests you, at least a little. 

    It would have taken you days to find all the sexiest cheerleader photos floating around on Twitter yourself. Besides me, who has that kind of time on their hands? Well that's why, as always, I've done all the leg work for you. 

    And, as always, you're very welcome. Feel free to hit me up on Twitter with any hot cheerleader-related questions. Otherwise, let's go ahead and take a look at the 50 hottest cheerleader twit pics of the week.

    And if you like what you see, this might just become a weekly adventure.

50) Samantha, Miami Dolphins

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    @Samanthaa_R: So much to do today...I think I might have a mini heart attack. #CheerleaderHyperbole 

    @Samanthaa_R: There's noooo way this cop is actually giving me a ticket right now!!!!!!!!!
    @Samanthaa_R: @Eliiizabeth_ yes, he must be gay. #CheerleaderDelusions

    My (non-cheer) two cents: Girl, if you think the only reason you got a ticket is because the cop was gay, you need to reevaluate a few things.

49) Silvia Perrina, Florida Panthers

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    @SilviaPerrina: I swear I don't like clubbing yet I always find myself there lol #Mokai #CheerleaderMysteries 

    @SilviaPerrina: Not my fault ur an oblivious bitch #CheerleaderYikes

    My (non-cheer) two cents: I don't think there's ever a reason to flame-throw the vague "b*tch" accusation around on Twitter. We're all adults, yes?

48) Emily Chauvin, LSU

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    @echauvin2: You really can do anything you set your mind to. #mindovermatter #fact #CheerleaderFacts

    @echauvin2: Sugarfree gum #obsessed #CheerleaderInterests 

    My (non-cheer) two cents: Guess what! You can't do anything you put your mind to. There's a stark difference between reality and BS you can get from a fortune cookie. 

47) Erica Levy, South Carolina

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    @ericalevy1: The amount of times a day I look to see if my grades are posted is not normal! #CheerleaderTypeA

    @ericalevy1: sometimes i wonder if i made the right choice #CheerleaderExistentialism

    @ericalevy1: I can't even believe what our chef just made out of our rice. I am disturbed #CheerleaderWTF

    My (non-cheer) two cents: I wish there was a little more context to that rice thing, but otherwise I just want this girl to chill out a little. Stressing and obsessing rarely result in anything positive. 

46) Olivia Eve, Pitt

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    @Olivia_Eve: me and my dad walking through the grocery store.. Head to toe in Pitt apparel #awkward #embarrassing #CheerleaderSchoolSpirit 

    @Olivia_Eve: Tiki lounge makes me feel like I'm in a cave and my heels keep getting stuck in the floor.. #ohwell #CheerleaderProblems

    My (non-cheer) two cents: Considering the year my Panthers just had, this is all the more impressive. Also—I've been to the Tiki Lounge more than once and that is a pretty legit issue. 

45) Laura Warner, Florida

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    @LauraLWarner: Should be studying but I'm spandex shopping!! Oops #tryouts #CheerleaderPriorities 

    @LauraLWarner: So ghetto hahaha pic.twitter.com/Vqx4cvTg #CheerleadersPretending ToBeGangsta #PainfullyAwkward

    My (non-cheer) two cents: I wish people would just cease with the use of the word "ghetto" to describe things. It's not an over-sensitive issue on my part; I just think it's got more historical significance than people realize. 

44) Jessi Peralta, Tennessee Titans

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    @MissJessiP: Of course I wake up with a head cold, sniffles and sore throat the day of Finals. Perfect. #CheerleaderIrony 

    @MissJessiP: Trying to dance fast today so I can finally introduce myself to this ridiculous pool/beach at Mandalay Bay!! Hellloooo. #CheerleaderLifestyle 

    My (non-cheer) two cents: All I've got here is: OMG please trade lives with me. 


43) Marisa Dunkel, Florida

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    @marisadunkel: Escaped prisoner in handcuffs on the loose in Gainesville... #shouldbehardtofind #CheerleaderLaw&Order 

    @marisadunkel: Where do they find these people to dress up like the statue of liberty and dance like lunatics on the side of the road?!? #weird #CheerleaderCareerQuestions

    My (non-cheer) two cents: Did she mean the prison shouldn't be hard to find? I would think a dude running around with his hands handcuffed behind his back would be an easier target than your average criminal. 

42) Tarin Moses, Florida

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    @TarinMoses: My boyfriend and brother are building a chicken coop... #CountryCheerleader

    @TarinMoses: A question on my test: In the song "I'm sexy and I know it"... If being sexy is the dependent variable, what is the independent variable? #CheerleaderAlgebra

    My (non-cheer) two cents: I'm not sure what the answer is, but that's the most academic question that could ever be posed regarding LMFAO.

41) Lindsey Czapla, Buffalo Bills

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    @LindseyCzap: Yum …..Pomegranate daiquiri instagra.am/p/KD4jAyDQRo/ #CheerleaderBoozing

    @LindseyCzap: Awesome workout ! Obsessed with #hottiebody at golds gym !! #CheerleaderBoozeBusting

    My (non-cheer) two cents: Boozing and working off the booze are pretty much all I do in my free time—can totally relate.

40) Monica Mason, Miami Dolphins

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    @muneca131: I fell in front of everyone, running to my Body Details appt!! My toe and knee! Ouch! #whitegirlproblems #CheerleaderWTFReally? 

    @muneca131: Trying dog socks on Nikki to quit the tap dancing on the wood floor lol instagr.am/p/Jd9uIMuC7S/ #CheerleaderAnimalCruelty

    My (non-cheer) two cents: I didn't realize that falling in front of everyone was a problem specific to only white girls—I see men fall all the time. Also, I know "animal cruelty" might sound like an exaggeration, but you really need to see that photo before you decide.

39) Danielle Daray, New Orleans Saints

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    @DDaray114: But I need to find new rides home from the airport, people that actually want to pick me up on time! 

    @DDaray114: I don't feel good! I think I need a nutritionist! #CheerleaderMedicine 

    My (non-cheer) two cents: I worry that this girl thinks a nutritionist is a doctor, but I suspect she'll have no problem finding someone willing to pick her up at the airport on time. 

38) Janeen Chavarry, (Former) Miami Dolphins

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    @jAnEEnErwEEnEr: Coolest crab ever... All up in my space. #miami instagr.am/p/Kc8zTsvx1P/ #CheerleaderCrabCompliments 

    @jAnEEnErwEEnEr: Apparently 64degrees is tank top weather. #Chicago

    My (non-cheer) two cents: Chicago is like Canada in that respect—if it's sunny and not snowing—it's pretty much summer, despite the temperature. 

37) Katie Morton, LSU

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     @mortonkatie: Theatre presentation and I'm using a little bit of bribery to get the class involved. $25 buffalo wild wings card anyone? #winning #CheerleaderBribes

     @mortonkatie: Beauty is really culturally in the eye of the beholder. #wisewords #CheerleaderWisdom

    My (non-cheer) two cents: First of all, the whole Charlie Sheen "winning" thing is dead—so stop it. Second, those are no wise words. Those are stupid, cliched words that sound smarter than they are.

36) Laura Vikmanis, Cincinnati Bengals

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    @LauraVikmanis: @MoEgger1530 Stay dry at the game. Beer helps. #CheerleaderProhibition

    @LauraVikmanis: @SarahBeth_26 We're gonna miss you tonight!!!! I'm wearing my thong under my shorts just for you!! #CheerleaderFashion

    My (non-cheer) two cents: Let me just say that I've never seen better advice in my life than: Get drunk to stay dry. Sure it's a conflicting message, but I love it.

35) Jaclyn DeAugustino, Florida

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    @JacDeAgustino: @DerekWohlfiel Whats wrong with crop tops and high waisted jorts? #newdayandage #CheerleaderFashion

    @JacDeAgustino: That awkward moment when you see someone actually wearing the hideous Nike frees you made online for fun.... #CheerleaderFashionAgain

    My (non-cheer) two cents: Sometimes cheerleaders are super preoccupied with appearances, but this girl has it all together. Crop tops, high-waisted jorts and hideous Nike frees—boom! Awesome.

34) Veronica Ann, Dallas Cowboys

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    @DCC_Veronica: Happy Mother's Day to all the moms!!!! We love and appreciate you!!! <3 #CheerleaderMothersDay

    @DCC_Veronica: Ran a 5k this morning... And didn't remember to wear my @Nike fuel band....so I have no proof!!! #CheerleaderFitnessInsecurity

    My (non-cheer) two cents: Well, I'd say speak for yourself with the "we" stuff out there to all the moms. And don't people always say they run marathons for themselves? I think I'd take her word for it…"proof" seems unnecessary. 

33) Ms. L'tesia, Florida Panthers

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    @LTESIA: Game was good. I strive to have the drive that kobe and Lebron have towards everything I do in life.. I just want to win the championship ♥ #CheerleaderConfusion

    @LTESIA: If your going to be upset when i mess up then please applaud me when i do good #jusSayin i wanna cookie!! #CheerleaderEntitlement

    My (non-cheer) two cents: Um. Kobe has five championships, LeBron has zero. I don't think having the "drive" of one or the other is exactly the same. I bet Kobe doesn't expect a cookie when he wins a game. 

32) Lexie Skipper, Louisville

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    @lexieskipp: It hasn't hit me yet that people are leaving Louisville and not coming back #CheerleaderReality 

    @lexieskipp: I can't wait to watch khloe & Lamar tonight #CheerleaderRealityTV

    My (non-cheer) two cents: She lives in Kentucky—you'd think she'd be used to people leaving and not returning. Also, that bit about Khloe & Lamar is one of the saddest things I've ever read on the Internet. 

31) Teresa Giltner, Los Angeles Lakers

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     @PenelopeLaRouge: Weddings are so beautiful...love is beautiful. I hope that one day I can be lucky enough to find it. #CheerleaderWishes

     @PenelopeLaRouge: sometimes I'm such a #fatkid #stuffed #happy #CheerleaderCondescenion

    My (non-cheer) two cents: Weddings are a gigantic waste of money when marriages don't last—she's confusing "love" with "ridiculous production." I'm sure Ms. Giltner stuffs herself full of cake all the time. 

30) Molly Moenkhoff, Tennessee Titans

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    @Molsk8s:Mmmmm just picked up some Fresh Strawberries near Leipers Fork! Oh how I love living in the country! #Kelley instagr.am./p/JpfM9bCL7u/ #CheerleaderHobbies

    @Molsk8s: Bandit got stung by something?!?! Any suggestions? #pinknoseclub #lab #vethelp #beesting instagr.am/p/JdKdWTCL6h/ #CheerleaderQuestions

    My (non-cheer) two cents: Go to the stupid veterinarian instead of consulting idiots on Twitter. How's that sound?

29) Courtney Cook, Dallas Cowboys

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    @DCC_Courtney: After the midnight premier of #Avengers this Americas Sweetheart decided she needs a Captain America ;) #CheerleaderSelfTitles

    @DCC_Courtney: Yay its May!! :) Who else loves these summer months?! #sunshinegirl #CheerleaderStupidEnthusiasm

    My (non-cheer) two cents: Really—Captain America is your dream man? He's government propaganda…I'd prefer Iron Man, Thor or Hawkeye…heck, I'd ever prefer Loki. At least he wouldn't be speaking in political talking points. 

28) Heidi Walker, New Orleans Saints

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    @HeidiHWalker: Jammin out to "I Saw The Sign" by Ace of Base. Happy Friday! #CheerleaderReminiscing 

    @HeidiHWalker: So glad I work in different cities everyday... #sameoutfit #AwesomeCheerleader

    My (non-cheer) two cents: I can't overstate how refreshing it is to stumble across a beautiful broad who enjoys rocking out to ridiculous 90's jams and who isn't obsessed with shoes. 

27) Kelsi Reich, Dallas Cowboys

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    @KelsiReich: Bright & early start today! God bless y'all #Cheerleader ThinksGodIsOnTwitter

    @KelsiReich: In Christ alone, my hope is found. He is my light, my strength, my song.  #Cheerleader ThinksGodIsOnTwitter

    My (non-cheer) two cents: So God is on Twitter now? Awesome.

26) Gabriella Delpozzo, Florida Panthers

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    @GabbyDelPozzo: Buncha fagsss pic.twitter.com/wqCTp4Ot #CheerleaderSensitivity 

    @GabbyDelPozzo: Spikey heels, watch out. #CheerleaderWarnings

    My (non-cheer) two cents: Her Twitter background is a slutty photo of Kim Kardashian. Nuff said. 

25) Murissa Suzanne, (Former) Buffalo Bills

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    @Murissa_Suzanne: #ThingsIReallyCantStand people who r so insecure it consumes their whole life and every move they make #Pathetic #CheerleaderChastising 

    @Murissa_Suzanne: Staying in on a Friday night is seriously the most unheard of thing for me... but I'm going to take advantage of this night of relaxation! #CheerleaderHumbleBrag

    My (non-cheer) two cents: Funny that someone who is so "secure" with her life is staying in on a Friday night, while bragging about how she never says in on a Friday night. 

24) Stephanie Carlquist, UGA

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    @StephCarlquist: Graduation shoe shopping, this is a tedious task... Gotta find the perfect pair #CheerleaderMountainsToClimb

    @StephCarlquist: After school I have bought new shoes, gotten Starbucks & talked to my best friend @kriscripps on the phone :) #goodday

    My (non-cheer) two cents: Shoes go on your feet, they are not that important. 

23) Kim Haddad, Louisville

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    @LITTLEkimhaddad: Your attitude defines who you are. #dontletittakeover #CheerleaderAssessments

    @LITTLEkimhaddad: Glad to be noticed for always having a positive attitude :) I can't wait for this year!

    My (non-cheer) two cents: Wait till this girl gets out in the real world and realizes that her positive disposition and willingness to take her pants off in public won't get her everything she's ever dreamed of.

22) Jenna Jaeger, Denver Broncos

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    @jenna_jaeger: Don't judge yourself by the opinions of others... There will always be haters #CheerleaderAdvice

    @jenna_jaeger: What doesn't kill you makes you stronger #OldieButGoodie

    My (non-cheer) two cents: I'm sure after she's fired for the third time she'll be equally convinced that her boss is just a "hater." I guess getting fired by haters won't kill her...so it will only make her stronger? 

21) Jade Prejean, LSU

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    @Jadielise: You make boundaries you'd never dream to cross, and if you happen to you wake completely lost #CheerleaderNonsense

    @Jadielise: Everybody get humpppbackkk whaless! You get a humpback whale, you get a humpback whale! #danecook #CheerleaderHumor

    My (non-cheer) two cents: Anyone who quotes Dane Cook should be completely ignored—in terms of digging a little deeper. 

20) Julie Rapp, LSU

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    @RappJulie: It should be illegal for a professor to make the final 50% of your grade when you have already had 3 other tests #thisisajoke #CheerleaderLawEnforcement 

    @RappJulie: I can't explain how excited I am to take this test...I'll never have to look at accounting stuff again!! #7oclock #HURRY

    My (non-cheer) two cents: Well...murder is illegal. So obviously, a professor weighting the final is along the exact same lines. USA, USA, USA. 

19) Rachel, Louisville

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     @rachel_says_so: My dogs are like naughty children..mommies disappointed in you all...oh at least @rachelc09 understands me #CheerleaderParenting

    @rachel_says_so: Not my priority not my problem
    @rachel_says_so: Strike 2...you're almost out of here
    @rachel_says_so: Not wasting my time. Goodbye

    My (non-cheer) two cents: WTF is this nonsense all about? I have no idea, but I'm absolutely certain this is a conversation that should be exchanged by two people not on Twitter.

18) Alexa Black, New Orleans Saints

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    @alexajade12: My mother says happy de drinko instagr.am./p/KRbHWNgFoj/ #CheerleaderDrinkoDeMayo

    @alexajade12: I need to get out of this city asap. There are so many things in God's plan that we will never understand but I need to continue to trust. #CheerleaderNonsense

    My (non-cheer) two cents: I am loving her mother for her assessment of Cinco De Drinko, but I am insulted by the fact that she thinks God has any interest in which city she chooses to live in. How about you just figure that out on your own and let God worry about the big-picture stuff?  

17) Janeen Chavarry, (Former) Miami Dolphins

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    @jAnEEnErwEEnEr: Cheers to the freakin' weekend.. Errr I mean Monday. instagr.am/p/KYSTGLvxzw/ #CheerleaderThat RihannaWould BeProudOf

    @jAnEEnErwEEnEr: Like seriously. I just need to stop. #lushlife.

    My (non-cheer) two cents: Like seriously, no you don't. Drinking rules. 

16) Alexis Augusto, Florida Panthers

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    @AlexisDAugusto: Too many jello shots. #CheerleaderAddition 

    @AlexisDAugusto: Thanks hooker, miss you. RT @AmberSerino: Happy birthday betch! xoxo @AlexisDAugusto

    My (non-cheer) two cents: There's no such thing as too many Jello shots.  

15) Danielle Daray, New Orleans Saints

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    @DDaray114: Listening to someone's story and thinking lie, lie, lie and lie... #CheerleaderIntuition 

    @DDaray114: I'm in Transylvania, Louisiana.... Yep that exists! #CheerleaderGeography 

    My (non-cheer) two cents: I assume when people are speaking, they're lying—excellent assessment. Although, I'm kind of surprised that there's a Transylvania in Louisiana. 

14) Crystal Cunningham, Nashville Predators

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    @crystalc_lee: tending the bar today #hooters #nashvilledowntown

    @crystalc_lee: #10factsaboutme I love my mom &dad sooooo much !!they have given the world to me&I can't wait to repay them & more importantly make em proud

    My (non-cheer) two cents: Anyone else seeing the irony there?

13) Leah Van Damme, (Former) Los Angeles Lakers

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    @LeahVanDamme: @LanaHRobinson wish we were laying in bed watching beauty and the beast, drinking wine and eating chocolate #sisters #bedmates #soulmates #Cheerleader SleepingSecrets 

    @LeahVanDamme: so pissed friends isn't on at 11 anymore...who wants to fall asleep to yes dear? #notokay  #Cheerleader SleepingSecrets  

    My (non-cheer) two cents: Wine and candy can actually solve most problems—not sure why insomnia would be any different.  

12) Maria Swafford, Cincinnati Bengals

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    @marialynnes: I have a slight obsession with swimsuits. You can never have too many... #CheerleaderPriorities

    @marialynnes: Yep shattered my phone... #CheerleaderCautiousness 

    My (non-cheer) two cents: Bikinis and busted cellphones...a life that most of us cannot even begin to relate to.

11) Crissy Lynn, (Former) New England Patriots

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    @MissCrissyLynn: A woman without curves is like Jeans without pockets... You don't know where to put your hands! #GettinMyBulkOn #GymTime #Cheerleader KnowsWhatsUp

    @MissCrissyLynn: "You shut your mouth when you're talkin to me!!" #CheerleaderHilarity

    My (non-cheer) two cents: I love this girl! Wedding Crashers and a positive body image. I'm in. 

10) Amber Strohauer, Tennessee Titans

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    @AmberStrohauer: No better way to start a morning than writing on inspiring people like @Skrillex ! Morning Twitter fam :) #Cheerleader MorningMotviation

    @AmberStrohauer: Somehow found motivation to go to the gym at 8 am on a Saturday.. Only for it to be closed! Come on. #Cheerleader MorningMotviation

    My (non-cheer) two cents: Loving her motivation—I'd never get up again if this is all I had to look forward to.  

9) Sara Perry, Nashville Predators

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    @misssarap83: Thank goodness it's Friday! I would complain about how I've had a rough week but that would be a lie. #bestjobever #steeplechaseeve!! #CheerleaderBragging

    @misssarap83: Oh my so I guess Burton Hills is the new ghetto. I hope whoever stole my work laptop and the big thing of mixed peanuts really enjoys it. #CheerleaderComplaining

    My (non-cheer) two cents: I guess since she has the best job ever it wasn't really that big of a deal that someone from "the ghetto" stole her peanuts and computer.  

8) Brooke Bailey, Tennessee Titans

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    @brookebailey21: Catching up on the voice and I can't believe what a bia Christina Aguilera is. I mean honestly I liked her until I saw her true personality! #CheerleaderTrueColors

    @brookebailey21: GCB cancelled....im pretty upset about this!

    My (non-cheer) two cents: Wow, The Voice and GCB? I'd rather just not watch television if those were the only options. 

7) Alyssa Cordonnier, (Former) Florida All-Star Cheerleader

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    @H3LLObombshell: I need to get out of Neiman Marcus or find me and NFL player asap.
    @H3LLObombshell: Spotted: Maserati. #dreamcar
    @H3LLObombshell: But new Betsey Johnson sunglasses will make me feel better. Just ordered some in her honor.
    @H3LLObombshell:When I finally get a hold of my professors he's gonna [expletive] wish he returned my calls and responded to my emails. #wrath #bitchfit
    @H3LLObombshell:Laying out before work of course. ☀
    @H3LLObombshell:It's hotter than hades out. Anyone that comes into tan is crazy.

    My (non-cheer) two cents: Wanna know why most NFL players are broke within a few years of retirement? Broads like this. Run boys...run...run and don't look back. 

6) Sydney Durso, Dallas Cowboys

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    @DCC_Sydney: Grilled chicken salad with pepper jack cheese, black beans, cherry tomatoes, roasted corn, and spicy ranch for lunch!

    @DCC_Sydney: Stopping at the Czech Bakery!

    @DCC_Sydney: I could really use a cappuccino right now!

    My (non-cheer) two cents: File all these under #CheerleaderEatingHabits that I could not possibly care less about. 

5) Alexis Augusto, Florida Panthers

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    @AlexisDAugusto: Yay! All spray tanned for my pawty tomorrow, eeeeeee!

    @AlexisDAugusto: Gettin' the hair did! 

    My (non-cheer) two cents: #CheerleaderBirthdays are obviously pretty important. I'm not big into birthdays, but I'm sure she looked fine as hell.

4) Gabriella Delpozzo, Florida Panthers

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    @GabbyDelPozzo: I'd rather be cold hearted than naive...

    @GabbyDelPozzo: If you don't have trust you don't really have anything.

    My (non-cheer) two cents: More #CheerleaderIrony! Trust is everything...yet she's panicked about being seen as naive.

3) Ashley Dyer, South Carolina

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    @ashleydyer13: Get me to Italy @LizPowers5

    @ashleydyer13: Really missing South Carolina weather at the moment.. #rainraingoaway

    My (non-cheer) two cents: OMG get me to Italy. OMG I miss South Carolina. OMG stop.  

2) Crystal Cunningham, Nashville Predators

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    @crystalc_lee: #10factsaboutme my boyfriend is superman ;)

    @crystalc_lee: #10factsaboutme I was a @Strikeforce ringgirl before they sold to @ufc @danawhite

    My (non-cheer) two cents: Anyone else worried about Lois Lane and the fact that Superman is cheating on her with a Hooters girl? That's just not right. Also...this girl looks just like Arianny Celeste—am I right?

1) Nikki Fraser, Tampa Bay Buccaneers

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    @nikki_jfraser: I can't believe this is the LAST Desperate Housewives EVER!!!! I might cry #CheerleaderDevastation 

    @nikki_jfraser: Someone pretty please take me to Lady Antibellum tonight they are my favoriteeeeeee #CheerleaderBadTaste

    My (non-cheer) two cents: Desperate Housewives sucked and Lady Antibellum sucks even more. Bleh. But at least Ms. Nikki is hot enough to make me forget her bad taste.