Arsenal-AC Milan: Cesc Fabregas Flies Above the Rest

Dakota RubinSenior Analyst IMarch 4, 2008

Arsenal is a young team that is still growing and maturing every game.

Arsene Wenger made William Gallas the captain for this match but it was clear from the start that the heart and soul of this young team lies squarely on the shoulders of Spanish National Cesc Fabregas.

The Gunners currently sit in first in the Premiership, but no one gives them much of a chance to win with defending champions Macherster United right on their tail just one point back.

But no one gave Wenger's men a fighting chance against Champions League holder AC Milan in the San Siro after a 0-0 draw two weeks ago in London.

That was until Cesc's sintalating strike from 25 yards out silenced 80,000 screaming Italians.

However, his goal with just six minutes left is not all Cesc did for Arsenal.

In the pregame on ESPN 2, Tommy Smyth said that Fabregas needed to control the midfield for the Gunners to stand a chance against the experience of the Rossoneri.

And that is exactly what he did. 

After a few early scares, Fabregas used his supperior ball control, beautiful eye for picking out teammates, and deceptive pace to dictate the game in the Gunner's favor.

The only quip with Fabregas' performance would be that he should have put on in earlier when he hit the crossbar.

But with Arsenal on their way to the Quarterfinals and in the capable hands of their young leader, it no longer matters.

Except maybe to those players from Manchester United who now know the boys from London are not going to roll over and hand them the league.