UFC 94 Results: Questions Still Remain

Mike DAnalyst IFebruary 1, 2009

The question still remains :

Is GSP that good, or is BJ Penn...Screw it, Georges IS that good.

Georges set out tonight not to defeat Baby Jay Penn, but to defeat BJ in a way that not even the most narcissistic Hilo monster could present a shred of argument to the contrary.

The ever-evolving St. Pierre just place himself inside of the same pickle Anderson Silva is stuck in—who calls next ?

The events of tonight solidified the question most UFC fans were prepared to ask—When does GSP square off against Spider Silva ?

It is now crystal clear that the best two fighters under 186 pounds are these two warriors. The only question left is when and at what weight ?


Random thoughts

Mike Goldberg made an outrageous remark tonight that actually holds water : "Lyoto Machida is the most elusive fighter MMA has EVER seen." As soon as he said it, a collective grown took place between the friends I watched the card with, but then something strange happened—we all agreed with him.

If anyone told you 24 hours ago that the knock-out of the night would take place during the Machida—Silva fight, 99 percent of MMA fans would have put Lyoto's record at 13-1. Man, did this guy solidify his No. 1 contender status.

Jon "Bones" Jones stock just set an all-time record according to NASDAQ. Granted he fought a future undercard "ham-and egger," but every time Jones spun, something very bad happened to Bonnar. Has anyone ever seen a double-underhook toss over the head as clean as "Bones" pulled off tonight?