Vince Carter: VC's Top 10 Career Dunks

Patrick BrittonAnalyst IMay 12, 2012

Vince Carter: VC's Top 10 Career Dunks

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    While Vince Carter might not be the most popular former Raptor player, there is no question the guy could fly. Arguably the greatest dunker of all-time, VC helped save basketball in Canada because of his the highlight reel dunks he threw down game after game.

    Here are Vince Carter’s most vicious throw downs, the majority of which took part in a Raptor uniform. Enjoy. 

10. Vince Carter over Dikembe Mutombo

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    Dikembe Mutombo was one of the greatest defensive players of his generation. He won Defensive Player of the Year four times and collected 3,289 blocks during his career.

    He is known for his finger wag, a move which he did after blocking an opponent’s shot. When most players saw Mutombo coming at them, they just hoped their shot didn’t get swatted away. When Vince Carter saw him, he saw Shawn Bradley. 

9. Vince Carter on the Lakers

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    You’ve established yourself as a mean dunker when you fly through the lane and no one on the other team wants to get in your way for fear of being posterized.

    No one on the Lakers wanted to be part of a poster, so they just got out of the way and watched. 

8. Vince Carter Charity Game

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    Every year, the Vince Carter Charity game sold out in Toronto.

    Almost 20,000 fans packed the Air Canada Centre in hopes of seeing something spectacular. Everyone wanted to see VC do something crazier than the year before.

    He never disappointed. 

7. Vince Carter All-Star Game

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    Everyone was talking about the dunk Josh Smith threw down the night before. I mean, he dunked over Spud Webb.

    However, Vince Carter dunked over a 7’2” man in a game. VC had to show the young Atlanta forward he was still king. He did so the next night. 

6. Vince Carter Dunk Contest Part 1

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    This was the moment everyone had being waiting for.

    For the past couple years, Vince Carter had been one of the most electric dunkers in the league, creating buzz north of the border due to his crazy athleticism. Now, he was finally in the dunk contest.

    This was his first dunk, and he didn’t disappoint. 

5. Vince Carter over Tim Duncan

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    Players love having ballers like Tim Duncan on their team.

    If they gamble on a steal and get beat, they know Duncan will be there to play help defense and challenge the shot. The Spurs have won four championships because of Tim Duncan.

    And Tim Duncan is usually ready—but just not on this one. 

4. Vince Carter Dunk Contest Part 2

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    Even after that first dunk, everyone knew Vince Carter would somehow top it. They didn’t know what he’d come up with, but they knew it would be one of the greatest dunks they’d ever seen.

    Kenny Smith said it best after Carter threw it down: “It’s over! It’s over ladies and gentleman!” 

3. Vince Carter Alley-Oop

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    Passes like this get you benched for the rest of the game. Passes like this get you put in the coach’s dog house for the next few weeks. Passes like this get you put on SportsCenter’s "Not Top 10.”

    Only Vince Carter can make passes like this look good. 

2. Vince Carter over Alonzo Mourning

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    Alonzo Mourning was a shot blocker. In his career, he totaled 2,356 blocks, averaging 2.8 per game.

    A shot blocker takes a risk every time they go for a swat. Sometimes they send the ball ten rows into the crowd, and the fans go crazy. Other times, this happens. 

1. Vince Carter over Frederic Weis

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    Frederic Weis was drafted with the 15th pick in the 1999 NBA draft by the New York Knicks.

    Fans hoped he would help replace Patrick Ewing, their legendary center who made the All-Star team 11 times. Weis never came over to North America to play.

    Vince Carter may have been part of the reason.