WWE News: Update on the Rivalry Between John Laurinaitis and Big Show on RAW

Chris Humphrey@@_CBH_Correspondent IMay 12, 2012


With the exception of Vicki Guerrero in the category of annoying voices, the general manager of RAW and SmackDown, John Laurinaitis, has to go down in the history of the WWE with one of the most aggravating voices with his gravely tone.

After hearing jokes about his voice throughout his time in the company, Laurinaitis said he didn’t want to hear any superstar making fun of him even though Eve caught The Big Show making fun of the GM backstage during RAW.

Here are the details from WrestlingInc.com on what the future holds for the feud between Show and Laurinaitis as we move forward into the year.

After Big Show was caught by picking on John Laurinaitis at last week's RAW SuperShow by Eve Torres, the angle with Show and Laurinaitis continued over to SmackDown where Laurinaitis has demanded an apology this coming Monday.

In a new storyline article, WWE is now speculating that Big Show may be fired on RAW. WWE also teases that Triple H may have a role in the Laurinaitis vs. Big Show storyline.

Even though being the only heel authority figure in the WWE today, the company should focus Laurinaitis on his feud with John Cena instead of having him trickle down into the feud between Daniel Bryan and CM Punk along with The Big Show.

Laurinaitis isn’t that great of a character even after being a part of television broadcasts since last summer so it really doesn’t make much sense for the WWE to make him central in multiple storylines.

As for the article on WWE.com calling for Triple H to have a role in this feud, it seems as though the run of Laurinaitis as the general manager might not last much longer as we might see Teddy Long return to his former role on Friday nights.

The aforementioned use of WWE.com to help progress storylines like this along with others is the only good part of the feud between Laurinaitis and The Big Show.

With involvement in his feud with John Cena along with CM Punk and The Big Show, do you think the WWE is relying on Laurinaitis too much in the current storylines on RAW and SmackDown?

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