TNA Sacrifice PPV Preview: Bobby Roode vs. Rob Van Dam for the World Title

John CantonContributor IIIMay 12, 2012

Graphic courtesy TNA/
Graphic courtesy TNA/

That little company known as TNA has a PPV on Sunday night called Sacrifice. Last month's Lockdown event was considered its second-biggest PPV of the year, while next month's Slammiversary event is a celebration of 10 years of TNA Wrestling. Perhaps I'll write a column about their 10 years of existence? It might happen. For now, here's a quick preview of Sunday's Sacrifice PPV.


Television Championship: Devon vs. Robbie E and Robbie T

Apparently Devon is such a badass champion that he's wrestling two guys for the "coveted" title. I'm pretty sure Robbie E has the worst entrance in the history of wrestling, and I don't think Rob Terry has improved at all since he started a few years ago.

I'd assume Devon will retain since he hasn't held the title for that long. I'm surprised they remembered they had this title. What's next? Are they going to remember that a man is one half of the female tag champs? Nah. That would make sense.  

Winner: Devon

Knockouts Title: Gail Kim vs. Brooke Tessmacher

Brooke may be one of the best looking women in the history of wrestling. She's not just wrestling chick hot, but she's generally hot. In the ring, she's okay. Her match with Velvet Sky on Impact was awful although their dueling ass shake was a great moment. That is not sarcasm. Trust me. It was.

Gail's had a long run as Knockouts champ. I think a loss is possible, but my guess is they save it for Slammiversary next month possibly against Velvet Sky or perhaps in a rematch against Tessmacher. That's the bigger show, so I'd expect the change there.  

Winner: Gail Kim

Tag Team Titles: Samoa Joe and Magnus vs. Daniels and Kazarian

 While TNA's tag division isn't as good as it used to be simply because they've killed off a lot of the teams, it's still solid. Joe & Magnus are a good championship team that have quality matches and good chemistry. It's just that I still want Joe to be in the main event spot he was in when TNA was at its best.

The Daniels and Kazarian team is cool because they're a couple of guys that always have above average matches. That doesn't mean they are going to win, though. The champs hold on again.  

Winners: Samoa Joe & Magnus

Jeff Hardy vs. Mr. Anderson

This is a typical TNA "we have nothing for them so let's put them in a match" story. They're both babyfaces although Anderson has turned so many times during his TNA run that I never really know anymore.

Each guy wants to be a World Title contender, so the win is important. Hardy's the guy that would probably mean the best business for TNA since he's the biggest draw in the company, but it's not like TNA knows how to make money right? So he's stuck here feuding with Anderson, who wasn't even booked for several months just because well…we don't know. Anyway, I'd go with Hardy for the win here in what should be a pretty good match.

Winner: Jeff Hardy


Bully Ray vs. X Division Champion Austin Aries

I enjoyed Aries more as a heel, but he's done fine as a babyface. Along with Kurt Angle and Bobby Roode, he's one of my favorite male wrestlers in the company. Ray has been fantastic as a heel. He's even shown that he could do a damn good job of being the World Champ if they wanted to push him that far. When could we ever say that about the guy? He's earned it with his performance.

With that said, I can see this being a two month feud that ends with Aries getting the big win at Slammiversary. In order to get there, I'd expect Ray to win this match by cheating because that's what bullies do.  

Winner: Bully Ray

Kurt Angle vs. "The Phenomenal" AJ Styles

You can argue that they're the two best in-ring performers in the company. Truth be told, Angle is my favorite wrestler in WWE or TNA. I've always been a huge fan of the guy. It's amazing that he's still putting on these incredible matches on a regular basis. He's been a heel of late, but it seems like he's turning face again.

Meanwhile, AJ is a face that has been feuding with Daniels for the 437th time in 10 years. If it was me booking, I'd have AJ win here and then win the World Title at Slammiversary because a babyface Styles winning the World Title at the 10th anniversary would be fitting. That won't happen, though.

Angle likely gets the win here although I have no idea what the direction is for him going forward.  

Winner: Kurt Angle

TNA World Title Ladder Match: Bobby Roode vs. Rob Van Dam

Roode's done an awesome job as TNA champion. It's a shame that so many are down on the product (admittedly I am too) because they are missing out on some great heel work by him. His promos are excellent, he carries himself very well and his work in the ring is top notch.

Van Dam did this interview two weeks ago where he messed up his line and looked very stoned. I don't even know if he remembered to say "dude" or not. When you watch Van Dam today, don't compare him to when he was at his peak in the late 90s or early 00s because those days are long gone. He does appear to be motivated again, so that's a good thing.

I'd expect Roode to retain. He likely won't be dropping the gold here. I could see it at Slammiversary to Hardy or James Storm, who is out resting various injuries these days, but it's unlikely that RVD will be the guy to beat him.  

Winner: Bobby Roode

I think it's a PPV where a lot of things will hold steady. At Slammiversary next month, look for some possible title changes.

In case you're wondering, I've never really been anti-TNA. I've watched it for 10 years. I'm anti Hogan and Bischoff running a wrestling company. It should not be happening.

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