7 College Football Coaches Who Won't Survive the 2012 Season

Carl Stine@@CFBAllDayCorrespondent IMay 14, 2012

7 College Football Coaches Who Won't Survive the 2012 Season

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    It happens every season.

    Coaches lose their jobs, usually as a product of sub-par play by their team, but there is the occasional firing or resignation due to some kind of scandal.

    But that's a story for another day.

    This list runs down the top candidates to be fired before the end of the season, especially since their seats are already warm as it is.

    The seven guys on this list need a big start to the season to assure that their jobs remain safe, but given the talent they must deal with, their chances of doing so are slim.

7. Randy Edsall, Maryland

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    Edsall has only coached for one year at Maryland, yet he blew his chance in 2011.

    The Terps were loaded with talent on both sides of the ball, but the most memorable thing about 2011 wound up being their uniforms.

    If Maryland struggles through the first half of this season, Edsall may not make it to the second half.

6. DeWayne Walker, New Mexico State

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    There was some improvement from the Aggies last season, as they jumped out to a 4-9 record, doubling their win total from the previous season.

    Walker has been with NMSU for three years, with a record of 9-29.

    Another campaign of four wins or fewer would be the end of Walker's time with the Aggies.

5. Dan Enos, Central Michigan

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    Enos has been the head coach of Central Michigan for two years now.

    One would expect at least a modicum of improvement over the course of two seasons, but the Chippewas had identical 3-9 records in those seasons.

    Sadly for Enos, it doesn't look much better for next season.

    The Chippewas prospects of finishing 2012 with more than three wins are slim to none, but Enos may not be around to find out.

4. Kevin Wilson, Indiana

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    We know, Indiana is a basketball school.

    Although, they haven't really been much of that for about a decade. However, Wilson's first season with the Hoosiers was downright embarrassing.

    It was only his first season, but 1-11 is pathetic.

    Then he lost uber-recruit Dusty Kiel in the off-season, and things look anything but good for the program.

    With a bad first half of the season, Wilson will find himself unemployed.

3. David Cutcliffe, Duke

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    When it comes to football failures, their are few programs that can match the ineptitude of the Duke Blue Devils.

    This is, of course, due to the smaller than average talent pool that is available.

    That said, David Cutcliffe's seat is not any less warm.

    He's been with the program four years, with a record of 15-33, and two consecutive 3-9 seasons.

    When you are making nearly $1,700,000, that is not going to cut it for very long.

2. Bobby Hauck, UNLV

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    Given time, I think Bobby Hauck could turn around a pathetic UNLV football program. Time, however, is one commodity he does not have.

    After two seasons at UNLV, the pressure is seriously on for this guy.

    A record of 4-21 is not conducive in any way to a contract extension.

    As a matter of fact, another bad start in one of the weakest conferences in America will be the end for Hauck.

1. Frank Spaziani, Boston College

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    In three years at Boston College, Spaziani has led the Eagles to a 20-19 record.

    While this is not terrible, by any stretch of the imagination, it's not good enough for a proud program that has wallowed around for the past several seasons.

    As if the talent cupboards weren't already bare enough, BC's leading rusher, Montel Harris was dismissed from the program earlier in the season.

    It tough to see Spaziani finishing out the season if the Eagles get off to a rough start.