NBA Draft 2012: 10 Reasons Why Perry Jones III Will Be the Steal of the Draft

Paul GrossingerAnalyst IIMay 13, 2012

NBA Draft 2012: 10 Reasons Why Perry Jones III Will Be the Steal of the Draft

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    Perry Jones III will be the biggest steal of the draft because he has the upside to develop into a superstar, but he could fall to the end of the lottery.  He is a special talent who could be the perfect fit for the team willing to develop him.  

    Here are all the reasons Jones will be the best bargain in the 2012 NBA draft.  

His Size

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    Jones is 6’11" and long.  He needs to add some weight, but he is one of only a couple players in this draft who has both skill and the size to play the NBA center position.  

His Length

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    Jones is not just tall, he is very long.  He also has long arms, which will help him become a very valuable defensive player if he puts in the effort.  

His Athleticism

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    Jones is the best pure athlete in this draft.  He is extremely tall but has great speed, lateral quickness and the ability to keep up with anyone on the floor.  It will be a huge part of his offensive game.  

His Speed

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    Jones runs the floor like a guard.  The only other big man in this draft with his speed is Anthony Davis, the consensus No. 1 pick.  

His Leaping Ability

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    Jones has amazing hops!  His raw leaping ability is better than anyone else’s in the draft and could help him develop into a matchup nightmare.  

His Versatility

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    Jones can play three positions in the NBA: small forward, power forward and center.  He is a full-time power forward, but no other star talent offers that level of positional versatility.  

His Rebounding

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    Jones grabbed 7.6 rebounds per game in his final season.  That was impressive, and once he learns to use his leaping ability to get the hard rebounds,he will be a real asset on the boards.  

His Shot Blocking

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    Despite his motor issues and soft rep, Jones blocked nearly a shot per game in two college seasons.  Those are solid numbers for a forward, which is what he will be in the NBA.  

His Mid-Range Game

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    Jones really has the game of an NBA small forward.  He has limited three-point range and he can really shoot it from 16 to 20 feet, which will be one of his biggest weapons at the professional level.  

His Upside

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    Jones is an A+ talent.  The concerns out there are about his motor, but his upside is off the charts.  The right coach can turn him into a Hall of Famer.