NHL Playoffs 2012: A Brief Look at Jonathan Quick and the 4 Remaining Goalies

John B Matheson@@JB_WebberCorrespondent IMay 11, 2012

NHL Playoffs 2012: A Brief Look at Jonathan Quick and the 4 Remaining Goalies

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    The goaltenders have been a hot topic during the playoffs so far. From Martin Brodeur having an amazing run at 40 years old, to the young Braden Holtby who is appearing in his first playoffs.

    For a few of the teams remaining, they are as deep in the postseason as they are due to their goalies' play. As is the case for the Coyotes' Mike Smith.

    With the final second-round series set to wrap up tonight, either Henrik Lundqvist or Braden Holtby will continue their great playoff run.

    In the slides that follow, we'll take a look at the goaltenders who still remain.  

Braden Holtby

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    There is still one game left to play to determine if Braden Holtby's amazing playoff run will continue. Of the remaining goalies, he sits fourth for save percentage.

    With this being his first NHL playoff run, the 22-year-old is impressing fans and analysts alike. He has faced more shots than any of his counterparts at 428 in 13 games.

    He allowed 28 goals so far—which is nine less than Ilya Bryzgalov, who had the most of any netminder this postseason.

    Having faced and allowed so many shots means that he needs his defense to set up, but the young goalie is still looking impressive so far in these playoffs.

Henrik Lundqvist

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    The New York Rangers goaltender, Henrik Lundqvist, had a great season that included an All-Star nod.

    He has had a few struggles in the postseason. The Rangers, who were dominant this season, have been playing well, but have still struggled against eighth-seeded Ottawa and now Washington.

    For his part, Lundqvist sits third among the remaining goalies with a .936 save percentage. He has faced 373 shots so far, stopping all but 24.

    Like Holtby, Lundqvist needs his defense to step up. Although he has still fared very well when the shots get through to him.

Martin Brodeur

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    The future Hall of Famer, Martin Brodeur, turned 40 in these playoffs, but is playing like he was still in his 20s.

    His New Jersey Devils have rallied around his quest for one last cup, having secured their place in the Eastern Finals.

    A fair amount of the success has been due to Brodeur; though he ranks last of the remaining goalies in save percentage, it is still an impressive .920.

    This could be his last chance to hoist the Stanley Cup, and Brodeur is making a solid case that his team can do it. Having stopped 289 of the 314 shots against him, he is playing at the top of his game.

    Brodeur's play is a large reason the Devils have made it to the Eastern Finals.

Mike Smith

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    Mike Smith is a huge reason the Phoenix Coyotes have made the finals for the first time since they moved to the desert.

    His play stumped both the snipers of Chicago and the Nashville grinders.

    He sits right below Jonathan Quick with a .948 save percentage, stopping all but 21 goals so far in this postseason.

    His team has played well in front of him, though he has faced the second most amount of shots.

    He had been a castoff during the offseason who is quickly proving his worth the further he takes Phoenix in the playoffs.

Jonathan Quick

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    The Kings have been making a solid case as cup contenders so far, having dispatched the No. 1 and 2 seeds. Jonathan Quick has been an integral part of that success.

    He leads the postseason with the fewest goals and best save percentage. Allowing only 14 goals for a .949 average.

    His team in front has played exceptionally; the Kings made history when they knocked out Vancouver and St. Louis and seem to be far from finished.

    Nominated for the Vezina Trophy, Jonathan Quick is rapidly showing why he deserves to win.