WWE News: John Cena's Backstage Personal Struggles Revealed

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WWE News: John Cena's Backstage Personal Struggles Revealed
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Cena has been telling us that all he has is the WWE. That may actually be true.

For months, John Cena has been battling some personal issues behind the scenes, mostly related to his marriage. According to TMZ.com, Cena has been a wreck and miserable over his marriage for months, and the Miami Herald is reporting that he has filed for divorce from his wife.

Cena is divorcing his wife of three years, Liz Huberdeau. Cena and Huberdeau were high school sweethearts, but were supposedly continuously arguing since their marriage. Their fighting has escalated more of late, including serious arguments regarding work being done on their mansion.

Cena also reportedly owes the roofing company that worked on his house $15,214.92.

Another issue that has been reported with Cena was that he was supposedly short and unpleasant with a fan who requested a picture. 

Cena has been acting strange in his WWE performances recently, and it may be directly linked to his marital issues. After his match with Brock Lesnar at Extreme Rules, he delivered a speech that left many WWE fans scratching their heads. He spoke as if he was going away for a significant period of time, and it seemed genuine.

Whether you love or hate Cena, there is no denying his passion for the business. He has been the WWE's workhorse and the face of the company for several years now.

So it is not a surprise that his personal life has leaked into his WWE performances. Now, that has not necessarily been a bad thing, as his emotions may have lifted him. He has had two of the best feuds of his career, with The Rock and Lesnar.

Time will tell whether the divorce relieves him from the problems or negatively affects him in his work.

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