Christian Cage: So Many Possibilities

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Christian Cage: So Many Possibilities

Hi, in my last article I had discussed the futures of Evan Bourne and Hernandez. But today I'm going to talk about the ways to go with the returning Christian Cage.

I can now confirm that Christian is officially under a WWE Contract and I believe his 90 day no compete clause is over so he can return any day by now. The thing I am going to discuss though is what WWE Creative has in store for him because there are so many ways to go with him on Smackdown or even Raw. Let's look at some of the possibilities

Storyline #1- The Three on One Onslaught

Now we all know that Matt Hardy is an official heel and is on Smackdown which will eventually lead to a feud with his brother Jeff alongside Edge but where does that leave the #1 suspect Christian Cage. We know Matt never admitted to attacking Jeff over the past month so we are not sure it is Matt who attacked Jeff, it wasn't Edge for obvious reasons. Who does that leave? Oh yeah Mr. Christian Cage, who is Edge's (kayfabe) brother who would come out in a mask and join Matt and Edge in an attack. This, in my opinion is the most probable and the worst one. So let's pray that doesn't happen.

Storyline #2: Raw is Cage

Would anyone ever expect it? That is the greatness of thinking this. With Raw's recent lack of excitement, wouldn't it benefit Raw of Captain Charisma joined in a current Raw storyline.

We could see Cage/Jericho feud with the whole Rourke/Jericho match dropped, so wouldn't that make a great Wrestlemania match? How about Cage joining Orton or the McMahon's in that current feud? See, I think Christian would benefit a move to Raw where he can be in the spotlight instead of being fed to Triple H, Vladimir Kozlov, and The Not-So Great Khali.

Final Storyline Cage and Jeff vs. Matt and Edge

Could Jeff get the ultimate revenge on Edge for stealing Matt then stealing Edge's brother Christian. What a TLC Tag Team Match that would be! With Christian and Matt sick of sharing the spotlight with their younger brothers than switching sides. This is without a doubt my favorite possibility.

In conclusion, Cage will make an impact anywhere he goes, but where will he be?

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