Opinion: TNA Should Be Praised for Signing King Mo

Shane CombsCorrespondent IIMay 11, 2012

Courtesy of SpikeTV
Courtesy of SpikeTV

Last night I watched portions of TNA for the first time in many, many months. There was only one reason I initially tuned in.

I was waiting to see King Mo.

Earlier that day, I read about his signing. I will be perfectly honest—I had no idea who he was. My initial thought was TNA signed a member of Men on a Mission.

It is an honest mistake, I suppose. Mabel was King Mabel and his partner was Mo—it is no wonder my brain triggered Men on a Mission.

Almost 24 hours after seeing Dixie Carter sit down with King Mo, I still don’t know how popular or well-known he is.

And that is one of the reasons I like the move to sign him.

TNA has been guilty many times of trying to do what has already been done and use who has already been used. It shouldn’t have to be a former WWE wrestler for TNA to be interested, nor should it have to be Tito Ortiz, Ken Shamrock, or Brock Lesnar.

TNA has been in a privileged position since the demise of WCW. They are seen as the alternative to WWE (as much as there is one). That has also been a curse, for when TNA has been less than innovative, they have been called out for it.

Rightfully so.

TNA is fortunate to have a prime spot on Cable TV. They have an array of younger and older talent. They have often had more potential than they utilize.

So why not make bold moves?

Why not sign King Mo?

I like that, when, on MMA Uncensored Live last night, King Mo was asked about his top three favorite wrestlers, he listed Ric Flair, Booker T and the Great Muta.

That is a testament to true fandom.

Beyond that, King Mo also talked like he had something to prove.

The MMA guys asked him if it would mean more to become TNA Champion or a champion in Bellator Fighting Championship. They were somewhat mocking, as they said straight up that it should be Bellator because TNA was scripted and could just write him as champion today.

King Mo rebuked their assertion.

He said you have to pay your dues in pro wrestling.

He is absolutely right.

To be a true and deserving champion in pro wrestling may be more challenging than anything in the world of MMA. Certainly it takes a more diverse skillset. A man has to be able to work, to sell, to entertain, to make people believe, laugh and cry.

And when he can do all that he only joins a list of many others who can do all these things already.

TNA seems to be stepping out with King Mo. I like that he voiced the need to improve (I hope he will continue to do that throughout his wrestling career as many UFC guys, for instance, have come up short as wrestling entertainers).

I still don’t know how well-known King Mo is, but I know that I know of him now thanks to TNA. I also know more about TNA, as the signing of King Mo caused me to watch the last half of Impact Wrestling.

Therefore the relationship is already doing both sides a service.

If I could say just a few words to TNA, it’d be this:

Be bold. Take chances. Innovate.

If you don’t take chances now, when?

And if you aren’t truly an alternative, what exactly are you?

Last night was the beginning of a new relationship for both TNA and King Mo. No matter how it goes from here, I have nothing but praise for both sides for stepping into new arenas.