Tebow Takes Sanchez's Thunder and Michelle Beadle out at ESPN? BR5: 5/11/12

BR5Daily ShowMay 11, 2012

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Today's episode lets you in on a rumor about Michelle Beadle's future, Tebow's first workout and we try to understand how you could ever confuse Brooklyn Decker with Kate Upton 

 ESPN might be losing one half of their Blonde super-duo. ESPN's SportsNation host Michelle Beadle might be leaving the worldwide leader in sports for “greener pastures.” As always, we heard about it first on Twitter. ESPN must have been preparing for the possible loss of Beadle. We’ve noticed plenty of notable female additions over the past few months.  

“We have what it takes to keep your cut in the spotlight” is a Supercuts slogan, and Jimmy Clausen learned of the slogan’s validity the hard way. The Carolina Panthers backup QB dropped into a local Supercuts in Charlotte, N.C. hoping for a quick trim. After the cut, Clausen ripped Supercuts on Twitter. The Twittersphere was not on his side. Fans tweeted in disbelief that an NFL QB, backup or not, would leave his lettuce in the hands of the nationwide chain.

What do Brooklyn Decker and Kate Upton have in common? They’re both gorgeous, both blonde and both have graced the cover of a Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue. The differences, though, should be obvious. Unfortunately for St. Louis radio host Remy, of the Remy and Mason Show, he has no idea which one is which. Suffice it to say that things got a little awkward as he asked Decker about exploits Upton is famous for. Remy admits that this was the worst interview he’s ever done. 

The biggest story coming out of the New York Jets' first practice? You guessed it, it was Tim Tebow. Not because Tebow did anything special, but because the media loves Tebow. Unfortunately, this looks like a preview of the entire offseason for football fans. The real question is, will Sanchez ever melt down over the endless barrage of Tebow questions? A man can only take so much…

Amar’e Stoudemire strikes again. No, not a fire hydrant. This time it was what Amar’e didn’t do. As he fouled out in Game 5 against the Heat, Shane Battier was on the ground. Amar’e offered a hand to help him up, then as Battier reached for it, Stoudemire walked away.


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