Breaking News: Paterno and Bowden Update Their Contracts (Satire)

Mike Almighty@MikeLikesPintsContributor IJanuary 31, 2009

Joe Paterno and Bobby Bowden have just confirmed that they have revised their contracts.

They both reached agreements to coach until one of them dies, which could mean they will be coaching well into their 100's.

A few new clauses were added as well.

The NCAA has agreed to allow Paterno the use of a motorized mobile device to help him get around on the sidelines. Paterno was seen recently in State College test driving a Segway and numerous motor scooters out on some practice fields.

Bowden, who just completed another sub-par season at Florida State, has requested and received permission to have large air-fresheners installed around the stadium to cover up the smell of how bad his teams stink. 

Also, Bowden reportedly has hired one of his great-grandchildren as an assistant coach. 

He has already been through all of his children and his grandchildren as coaches and hopes one of his great grandchildren will be a suitable replacement whenever he steps away from the coaching ranks.

Competing with each other for the FBS all-time wins mark is not the only record Paterno and Bowden are after.

Reportedly, they are in competition to see who can get the thickest lenses for their glasses.