Josh Beckett: Why Boston Red Sox Hurler Can Still Be an Ace

Brian Roach@BrianRoachJrCorrespondent IMay 11, 2012

Josh Beckett: Why Boston Red Sox Hurler Can Still Be an Ace

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    Josh Beckett has struggled since last September and has looked as brilliant at times, but his demeanor is what really upsets Boston Red Sox fans all over the world. He acts as if nothing is wrong when he plays golf on his off days and does not tell his manager that he feels soreness before a start.

    Beckett is from Texas and has shown that nothing bothers him, but sometimes fans think that he can't tough through an injury to pitch. However, this year he has shown he can pitch through the soreness, like he did against the Chicago White Sox. But is still a potential ace for the Red Sox?

The Stuff Is There

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    Josh Beckett is one of those pitchers who can still throw in the mid-90s, but for some reason he is not throwing as hard as he can to get the job done.

    Fans want Beckett gone because he can't get it done anymore, and many believe that he can be a cancer in the clubhouse because he can't own up to anything. He knows he has pitched awfully so far in 2012 and wants to work on himself and his pitches so that they have more depth.

    The potential to be an ace is in what he can throw, and two starts next week against the Seattle Mariners and the struggling Philadelphia Phillies will be the turning point of Beckett and the entire Red Sox starting five.

Beckett's a Leader

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    Some media members despise Josh Beckett with a passion because they have doubts that he can be a leader on the Red Sox staff.

    Have they forgotten about the 2007 World Series run? Beckett was brilliant in almost every single game he pitched and, while he is four years removed, he still has the charisma he had back in 2007.

    Beckett does not take anything from anyone and is the one pitcher in the starting rotation who can be the veteran presence when the team struggles. If he can show that to everyone again, then the struggles as a team will drop by the wayside. 

The Sox Need an Ace

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    All five starting pitchers have struggled so far in 2012 and it seems very strange that not even Jon Lester or Beckett can stop the bleeding, but there is a reason for it.

    Both these pitchers are still feeling the effects of the September collapse, and the pressure has affected their pitching.

    But does that mean the 2012 season is a lost season? No. 

    The Red Sox still have 131 games left to play, and the if the pitchers can regroup and remember that they have potential in every start and not just think that they can't get the job done, then the Red Sox will move back into contention with the other four teams in the AL East.

Beckett Knows He Has Been Bad

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    Beckett admitted in the press conference after giving up seven runs in less than three innings against the Cleveland Indians that he needed to recapture his dominating movement on all if his pitches.

    He is still one of the better pitchers in MLB in my eyes and just needs a start such as this to put everything back in focus. 

    So what if he played golf on his off day and didn't come out to pitch in the 17-inning game on Sunday? He just does his own thing sometimes, and it frustrates me when I see Sox fans criticizing him for being a person.

    He has owned up to pitching awfully and is determined to prove everyone wrong. That is what an ace needs to do, and the rest of his season will be one where he steps up as the ace and puts the team on his back to carry them into the postseason.