John Cena Remains Married to the WWE, Divorces Wife

Alfred KonuwaFeatured ColumnistMay 11, 2012

The news that top WWE superstar John Cena has filed for divorce is about as newsy as a developing story of Charlie Sheen's drug habits. 

John Cena has already been married for over 10 years, and his blushing bride's name is professional wrestling. 

There was just no way that a polygamous engagement was going to work for the ubiquitous wrestling star. 

The fact that Cena organized a rather thorough prenuptial agreement served as the writing on the wall.  Cena knew, just like we all knew, that there was no way he would let his foot off the gas when it came to sports and entertainment. 

He was properly insured in the likely, and now imminent, event that his marriage fell apart due to his incomparable commitment to the WWE. 

There's a reason that John Cena is the face of the WWE.  It's the same reason that Steve Austin and Hulk Hogan assumed the same title in their primes and that both are also divorcees. 

Divorce and instability are an unenviable fabric of the culture of professional wrestling.  Anybody who has seen The Wrestler knows how ugly this aspect of the wrestling business can get. 

But for most pro wrestlers, namely those at the top of their profession in the high-demand world of the WWE, solitude and life on the road is just one of the services offered by big time pro-wrestling.  It's a lifestyle that has little room for outside relationships, if any. 

Wrestlers dating one another hasn't exactly been a viable alternative to otherwise conventional relationships.
Wrestlers dating one another hasn't exactly been a viable alternative to otherwise conventional relationships.

One could suggest that the only way a highly mobile pro-wrestler like John Cena could enjoy a meaningful relationship is to court a fellow employee of the WWE. Triple H and Stephanie McMahon are an encouraging example of just how love can blossom between the ropes.  

Unfortunately, they are but an exception to a longstanding rule.  

Wrestling fans don't need to be told of the dangers and highly volatile nature of wrestlers mingling with one another. 

Mickie James, Matt Hardy, Lita, Chyna and Debra McMichael among others can all attest to the fact that wrestlers dating wrestlers is often a love cocktail with a chief ingredient of poison and tears.

Wrestling is often mocked for being make-believe and is always viewed with lighthearted lenses in mainstream media, give or take the one week following an obligatory wrestler death. 

Yet it is the seriousness of the sacrifice made to this field that will always be severely overlooked as one of the basic requirements of an aspiring top star. 

A vow to be a top WWE superstar is interchangeable with a vow to a life partner.  Only the most dedicated stars survive such an oath—'til death do they part. 

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