WWE: Forget Lord Tensai, SummerSlam Should Feature CM Punk vs. Wade Barrett

Rob Manisero@robmaniCorrespondent IMay 11, 2012

According to a report online, CM Punk vs. Lord Tensai has recently been discussed for SummerSlam. After garnering as-close-to-clean wins as a heel can get these days against Punk and John Cena, WWE is determined to make Lord Tensai the biggest bad guy on Raw.

Unfortunately for the officials trying to push the former WWE superstar, the fans are pretty apathetic towards the big man. Instead of a chorus of boos upon his entrance, you could almost hear a pin drop when Tensai goes through his whole gimmick charade.

At this point, CM Punk vs. Lord Tensai looks to be happening in the near future. There is, however, a more suitable star to fit the role of hated heel, and his name is Wade Barrett.

Even the fans seem to be getting the feeling that Lord Tensai is being pushed to the top way too soon. It seems that the company is having trouble getting things right: Tensai is beating John Cena and CM Punk after only a month on TV, while Brodus Clay is running on five months of splashing onto enhancement and mid-card wrestlers.

Sure, the man formerly known as Albert and A-Train has been around the block a few times, but he never received a big push in his first stint with the WWE. He was almost exclusively a mid-card wrestler, who would occasionally feud with bigger names when they had nothing else to do.

Even with the experience, the crowd needs to develop emotion towards the character, and that definitely has not occurred yet. Pairing Tensai with Laurainitis is a solid idea to develop heat with, but the progression is just not developing quickly enough.

On the other hand, Wade Barrett is a superstar who has been able to draw significant heat ever since his huge impact with the Nexus two years ago. He is skilled on the mic and knows how to get on the audience's nerves. On top of all that, he can bring it in the ring, and has already engaged in feuds with John Cena, the Big Show and Randy Orton.


Barrett also already has a legitimate gripe against CM Punk. The Straight-Edge Superstar is the one who banished Wade from the Nexus and sent him running off to the Blue Brand. Barrett could debut and launch an attack on Punk, and the next week, he can use that as a launching point for a good promo.

Unfortunately for CM Punk and the WWE Championship, it has been mostly taking a back seat to bigger feuds with John Cena, The Rock, Brock Lesnar and Triple H. At SummerSlam, the title will most likely not be the main event, as that slot will be filled by the heavily rumored Trips vs. Brock.

Because of that, it is a perfect time for Wade Barrett to shine, and possibly even gain the title at the second-biggest show of the year. Punk has quietly brought legitimacy back to the title, holding it for almost six months now. At this point, the person who defeats him for that belt is going to be able to make a big impact on television.

Wade Barrett could be that man. The crowd doesn't care about Lord Tensai, and most people would not want to see him be that guy. Barrett, on the other hand, could launch a career spent in the spotlight with a victory over Punk at SummerSlam.

Forget Lord Tensai: At SummerSlam, let Wade Barrett get his chance to become a true main-event talent.