Video Viral: Brazilian Player Moonwalks His Way to Referee

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You know how Fulham has that Michael Jackson statue outside the stadium ground? Well, that's not the only football-related tribute the pop star has received.

In recent game between Brazilian sides Sport Recife and Santa Cruz, fans and players alike were treated to a mini-moonwalk by one of the players.

If you think this happened after a goal celebration, then you are wrong. Sport Recife's Tobi has been whistled for a foul on a Santa Cruz attacker and is summoned by the referee.

It takes a little while for the show to get started thanks to his teammates and the opposition giving their argument, but when Tobi finally makes his way toward his yellow card, the fun begins.

Come to think of it, maybe the players weren't protesting and were just asking Tobi for a little entertainment. I mean, he does put up his arms in that sort of "Wait, let me show you this move" kind of deal.

The No. 3 from the opposing side is cheering him on as well. That's some good sportsmanship right there.

Whatever the case, its some pretty great footwork from the defender, and he must be applauded considering how hard it would be to do that on a football pitch.

One thing's for certain: Tobi came up with one of the funniest ways to receive a yellow card. Maybe his European counterparts should try to lighten up a bit as well.

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