New Orleans Saints: Scheme Adjustment the Team Should Consider in 2012

Jason BernosContributor IIMay 11, 2012

Credit: Derek E. Hingle
Credit: Derek E. Hingle

In 2012, the New Orleans Saints will have a new defensive coordinator on hand in Steve Spagnuolo. He will add his own adjustments to the Saints defensive ways.

In that case, I take a look at an area on the team that has substantial depth, but only one "starting" spot: running back. That is a position that has way too many good players and not enough spots. I thought adding another spot would spice things up in the new year.

Can you think of any way for Pete Carmichael Jr. to get out from the shadows of offensive wiz, Sean Payton?

How about creating a new, innovative offensive scheme like the Wildcat was in 2008?

The answer? Two RB backfield.

The Dallas Cowboys attempted it with Marion Barber and Felix Jones to no avail, but the Saints have the depth to make it a winner. Now, I know what you're thinking. Shared backfields are nothing new; they've been around for years now.

I am not talking about rotating guys in and running behind a fullback. We all know the fullback position has gone the way of the ground-and-pound method. It's still around, and nice when needed, but just a bystander in this generation's NFL.

I am talking about rotating in two legit running backs into the game. Keeping them fresh, while also having a power/speed option in the backfield.

Imagine a Mark Ingram/Darren Sproles backfield, or a Chris Ivory/Pierre Thomas one. Those combos would be sick when you also consider they would go with a Jimmy Graham/Marques Colston combo in the passing lanes.

The New England Patriots started the two tight end craze, why can't the Saints start their own trend, and get people's minds off the whole bounty scandal. It will never happen, but when you have that many quality players at one position, you have to figure out a way to get more playing time for everyone.

That would be a scary concept for the other 31 teams trying to invade NOLA in early February.