Alistair Overeem: Does His Win Over Brock Lesnar Mean Anything Now?

Nedu ObiAnalyst IIMay 11, 2012


At UFC 141, Alistair Overeem executed a brutal blitzkrieg on Brock Lesnar, forcing the former UFC Heavyweight champion into early retirement and back to the scripted stage of WWE.

However, with recent revelations that “The Demolition Man” failed a random drug test, there’s speculation as to whether his win means anything now.

So far, that victory has remained intact in the annals of MMA history and rightly so.

The fact it was revealed he had elevated levels of testosterone in his system leading up to his UFC 146 bout with Junior dos Santos shouldn’t take anything away from the Lesnar win—it was a ferocious display of power, Octagon savvy and skill from the Dutch kickboxer.

With wins over Randy Couture (for the heavyweight crown), Frank Mir and Shane Carwin (two successful title defenses), Lesnar was hailed as some unstoppable force.

Albeit he came unstuck against Cain Velasquez, he was still seen as a force to be reckoned with, and thus was expected to test Overeem like never before.

That never transpired—he was outclassed, outfought and ultimately exposed as a mass of bulging muscle with only his wrestling abilities to fall back on.

Nonetheless, if Overeem had tested positive, the victory would’ve most definitely been called in to question.

However, the fact remains that Overeem was given the all clear to compete against Lesnar, and that should be enough to dispel any notions that his win was nothing more than a suspected drug-fueled conquest.

If anything, his victory showed that he’s in the top three of the baddest heavyweight MMA fighters on the planet.


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