Jimmy Kimmel Sends a Tweet to NCAA Basketball Recruit: BR5+

BR5Daily ShowMay 10, 2012

Jimmy Kimmel is doing his best Jerry MaGuire impression on national television.

Apparently, Kimmel felt it was important for him to do his part on the behalf of UNLV. The comedian and late-night TV host tweeted high school All-American forward Anthony Bennett, asking the coveted recruit to consider “his” school.

“UNLV needs you Anthony!” Kimmel tweeted.

The nation’s top unsigned recruit recently narrowed his possible destinations to UNLV and Oregon. Kimmel’s involvement is strange just at a first glance. Why would Kimmel even know who this guy is? Is he even a big basketball fan?  But it gets even stranger when you consider that Kimmel only attended UNLV briefly before transferring to Arizona State. To be fair though, Kimmel has been a part of UNLV pregame festivities in the past.

To make things more interesting, Kimmel technically violated NCAA rules by contacting Bennett. There is a rule against boosters contacting prospective recruits. Though it would be an incredibly strict enforcement and interpretation of the rule, there’s always a possibility the NCAA could contact Mr. Kimmel should they have nothing better to do.

Honestly though, with the whole NCAA football playoff possibility, is anyone over there even thinking about basketball right now? He should be fine.