Which Future Hall of Fame Power Forward Has More in the Tank for the Playoffs?

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One of the most bittersweet moments of the postseason is when a veteran player captures a(nother) championship. 

This season, Kobe Bryant is trying to get his sixth ring with the Lakers, and there are two other veterans who could be making their final postseason title runs. Tim Duncan and Kevin Garnett have both already won the hardware, but they're looking to be crowned once again. Which player will have a greater impact on their team's postseason success? Both are extremely important to their respective teams.

The Spurs and the Celtics are also both led by extremely skilled and talented point guards. Each of these teams also have brilliant coaches on the sidelines and systems that their players know inside and out. 

So, who gets the edge?

The Celtics are Kevin Garnett. Whether he's on the court or off of it, that intensity has become their identity, and his heart has become their soul. When you talk to anyone on the Celtics roster or in that locker room, they will sing his praises for days. While Duncan will certainly play a big role in the Spurs' postseason run, the Celtics will go where Garnett instructs and Rondo leads. 

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