WWE over the Limit 2012 : ROH Hypes CM Punk vs. Daniel Bryan Feud

Luis CamposAnalyst IMay 10, 2012


Yesterday, I wrote an article about WWE.com presenting CM Punk's and Daniel Bryan's matches throughout the years. In the article, I mentioned the fact that WWE.com was quick to reference Punk's and Bryan's past in independent promotions, but that the promotion for which these two men worked together was not named.

Ring of Honor, the independent promotion where CM Punk and Daniel Bryan (using his real name Bryan Danielson) worked together, seems to be jumping on the CM Punk vs Daniel Bryan Feud too. Earlier today, they released a YouTube video of Punk's and Bryan's first match together.

The video displays an amazing 20-minute match between the two men, and in many ways, could be a preview for what these two former Indy stars have to over at Over the Limit.

ROH's decision to put the video up today could be seen the direct result of the WWE.com article that went up yesterday. There seems to be no animosity between both promotions, but the decision could be interpreted as Punk's and Bryan's former employees wishing to capitalize on their star's current fame.